Chromihidrosis: Mum’s bizarre pregnancy symptom turns everything blue

A mum-to-be has taken to social media to share a strange pregnancy symptom that left her thinking she was turning into a blue Avatar.

Keisha Sethi said the unusual phenomenon saw her sweat turn blue, leaving many of her clothes and furniture stained, Kidspot reports.

The 24-year-old went on a mission to find out what was happening – only to find out she had a rare condition.

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Taking to the TikTok in a video that now has 700,000 likes, Sethi said: “I’m literally turning surfaces blue.”

“So, yesterday I went to the toilet and when I got off the toilet seat it was blue. Literally, blue. And I was not even wearing any blue [clothing] yesterday,” she continued.

She then showed the stop she wore to bed that night – a plain white singlet that looks as though blue dye had spilt onto it.

“Even my pretty pink sheets!” she said, holding up the stained bedding.

“So as you do, you jump on Google. Me and my partner were Googling until 1am, and it was very relieving to know that a few other women have experienced this.”

Sethi shared a screenshot of the one of the articles she found, which details more about the condition called chromihidrosis – often dubbed “Smurf butt”.

“Chromihidrosis is a really rare condition in which you have an excess amount of lipofuscin in your sweat glands,” an article from Heathline reads.

“Lipofuscin is essentially pigmented granules that collect in cells throughout the body. With chromihidrosis, the extra lipofuscin in the sweat glands causes you to sweat in colour. Of the many colours of sweat reported with chromihidrosis, blue is one.”

“I’m genuinely baffled because I thought I was becoming an Avatar,” Sethi said.

She then showed the bright blue dress she was wearing, and said: “This is why I decided to wear blue today, so I don’t change the colour of my outfit.”

Commenters were left both in shock and amazement, with some people even sharing that they had gone through the same thing.

“Where’s the lady with the list?” someone asked, referencing the woman on TikTok who lists why she doesn’t want to have kids.

“IT HAPPENED TO ME!! I thought I was turning into a Smurf!!” someone revealed, while another said they also experienced it and just thought their jeans were leaking onto their other clothes.

A third joked: “Name your baby Denim.”

And someone else chimed in, saying, “Baby’s doing its own gender reveal.”

“That’s sooo (sic) interesting, never heard of this before,” wrote someone else.

This article originally appeared on Kidspot and was reproduced with permission

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