Chebbo’s announces it will be at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is known for its rides, animals and wacky food, with one cult burger truck revealing they would be at the event.

Chebbo’s food truck founder Ali Chebbani revealed the food truck would be at the Easter Show this year and parked beside the Woolworths Food Dome.

“It’s been a very long day setting up but I’ve got some very exciting news,” Ali said on TikTok before revealing the food truck’s latest location.

“We’ll be selling burgers, smashed burger tacos and smash packs. I’ll be there every day. Come say hi, it’s going to be awesome.”

Cult food truck heads to Easter Show

He did confirm that the prices would be higher than usual, saying there are “so many fees [to be part of the Easter Show] it’s pretty much impossible not to”.

There will also be a halloumi version of the smashed burger taco to cater to vegetarians.

It was the third time that Chebbo’s had tried to be part of the Easter Show with Ali saying “third time’s the charm”.

Social media users were over the moon at the news, with one TikTok user saying he would be there to break his fast at sunset as he was participating in Ramadan.

“Bro how good! So many small business being taken to the Easter show this year,” one social media use commented.

Another said: “I can’t wait …. Coming on March 29! I hope this is a huge success for you.”

“Finally haha! I remember you would call every year to try and get in. Glad you got in finally,” one social media user commented.

One added: “I’m going this Friday, I’ll try see you and say hi.”

“I worked at the Easter show years ago. your truck is in the exact same spot the truck I worked in was lol. what a fluke that is lol,” one user shared.

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