Captain Tsubasa: Ace Christmas 2023 update brings new Christmas-themed events, new mode, and more

Captain Tsubasa: Ace introduced a Christmas 2023 update that will incorporate fresh Christmas-themed activities, a new 11v11 PvP mode, and various additional features. On December 5, the debut of Captain Tsubasa: Ace introduced the renowned soccer figure Captain Tsubasa Oozora to mobile users. This game draws inspiration from Yoichi Takahashi’s manga series, Captain Tsubasa. Players engage in controlling Tsubasa and his companions, showcasing their adept footwork in dynamic confrontations against opposing players.

Captain Tsubasa: Ace Christmas 2023 update features exciting missions and rewards

The Winter Fantasy Season event has arrived, presenting a plethora of advantages for players. By completing exclusive missions, individuals can acquire a wealth of rewards, including Legendary Player Files, Glorious Journey Vouchers, winter-specific Avatar Frames, and an abundance of Energy Drinks. This invitation beckons all to partake in the festivities.

In a special Christmas rendition catering to diverse player preferences, a novel event for Captain Tsubasa: Ace commences on December 19, introducing the all-new Super Cup Series mode. This much-anticipated 11v11 real-time competitive PvP mode isn’t just a temporary addition for the holidays—it’s a permanent fixture.

Engaging in the “Dream Cup” grants participants the opportunity to win Dream Rally Vouchers, Skill Shards: Rare, and substantial amounts of Golden Balls & Silver Balls. Remember to register for the qualifier on December 25th at 08:00 (UTC+8) for a chance at rewards. The rewards for the final stage reset weekly, offering ongoing incentives. For precise reward details, refer to the in-game content.

Players and their teams can anticipate festive in-game embellishments, numerous Christmas-themed events, and presents like player recharge discounts. The “New Year’s Gifts” event is a generous offering, presenting 16 rounds of rewards, each containing normal, connection, and ultimate rewards. This includes complimentary items like Energy Drinks, Energy Packages, Energy Feasts, Silver Balls, Energy, Tactic Mastery Cards, and Stamps.

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