Capcom’s horror adventure title to launch on October 30, 2023, for iPhone and iPad

Apple has been on a mission to take mobile gaming to a new high as announced in their Apple Event 2023, where they announced their iPhone 15 series of mobile devices and also gave an unexpected list of blockbuster AAA games that would make their way to the mobile gaming world through their latest technology via iPhone 15 series. Following the trail, Resident Evil Village the horror adventure title of the hit Resident Evil Franchise will get a launch on October 30, 2023, for iPhone and iPad.

Resident Evil Village and other AAA titles’ launch will mark a new milestone in mobile gaming

Resident Evil Village is just one of many AAA titles expected to launch on the iPhone 15 series, and their launches will surely mark a new era of mobile gaming as players and fans will experience titles like Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Village and Death Stranding Director’s Cut on their iPhones. This would be the first time AAA titles of such quality will be making their way to mobile devices.

The performance of these titles will be an interesting aspect for the players and fans to see as it will be important for these titles to be perfectly optimized to run on the A17 Pro chip through which Apple would be powering this project. With titles like Assassins Creed Mirage, which would be the latest jewel to Ubisoft’s highly acclaimed Assassins Creed series, the performance will definitely be tested to its core, with the game supporting high-end ray tracing and new generation graphics.

Resident Evil Village will be a great addition for the players and the fans on iPhone for reasons not required to be explained. The series in itself is one of the best in the genre and just like the older titles, RE Village will provide the players and fans with a combination of both adventure and horror. Graphics of the game, Resident Evil Village is the major factor of distinction between it and the previous ones, thus the game being launched for iPhone on October 30 is a big win for mobile gamers all across the globe.

Resident Evil Village launch, Resident Evil Village
Image via Capcom

Resident Evil Village’s launch on iPhone 15 will mark a new milestone in the mobile gaming industry as it is sure that other manufacturers will take notes and roll out the same features for Android in the future too. As of now, Apple’s achievement in itself is quite impressive and a boon for all mobile gamers around the world.

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