Capcom is optimistic about reaching a point where they can target mobile alongside current-gen consoles

The announcement of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Village coming to iPhone 15 Pro and iPad at the Apple Event 2023 was something that took us by surprise, surely. Capcom, a major player in the gaming industry, has made a dream come true to play these console-heavy games on mobile devices. That being said, during a recent interview with GamesIndustry, the producers of the Resident Evil series expressed that Capcom might eventually reach a stage where they can develop games for mobile alongside the latest-generation consoles, certainly delightful news for fans of mobile gaming.

Producer Kawata says that Apple’s M2 chip lead to achieving the Resident Evil port

Speaking of their relationship with Apple, Masachika Kawata, one of Resident Evil Village’s producers, said that the iOS version delivers a console-like experience thanks to the adaptable their-own RE Engine, with minor factors like screen size to consider. It was because of the opportunity presented by the new M2 chip, which they saw as a prime chance to expand the reach of Resident Evil to a global audience.

Resident Evil Village launch, Resident Evil Village
Image via Capcom

Kawata expressed their satisfaction with the M2’s impressive power and the successful outcomes it enabled in the development of the game’s port. Although there are minor considerations such as screen size, it lacks distinct mobile features such as dedicated touch, swipe, or motion controls, relying mainly on traditional controller input.

Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda expresses optimism about the mobile platform

Tsuyoshi Kanda, producer at Capcom expressed his excitement over a future where mobile might be on par with gaming consoles and platforms. He adds: “I think it’s definitely feasible in the future, especially considering how the annual upgrade cycle of mobile hardware for smartphones and tablets just continued to get better and better every year. We could reach a point where as part of the multi-platform strategy, we’re just able to target these devices alongside existing current-generation consoles.”

Masachika Kawata (left) and Tsuyoshi Kanda (right)
Masachika Kawata (left) and Tsuyoshi Kanda (right) – Image via Capcom

However, Masachika Kawata adopts a more cautious stance on this, emphasizing Capcom’s current focus on bringing previous titles to new platforms. He states: “At the moment, our process is still based on the idea of taking products we’ve released previously on other platforms, so we’re not ready to commit to things like simultaneous release in terms of future titles.” Nevertheless, this is an interesting scenario to look out for in the future.

Mobile gaming is on a healthy climb, and as time goes on, we’ve seen the arrival of incredibly well-crafted titles, but the absence of AAA titles was noticeable. However, that gap is now being slowly bridged, with Ubisoft’s stance on making AAA games on mobile as well as the Resident Evil franchise on iPhone 15 slowly looking great for mobile.

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