Capalaba shopping centre: Footage of boy, 3, stuck in claw machine and rescued by police in Queensland

Wild footage has emerged showing the moment a young child was rescued after he became stuck in a claw machine in pursuit of a plush prize.

Queensland Police responded to reports a three-year-old became trapped in a Skills Tester claw machine at Capalaba shopping centre, south east of Brisbane, on Saturday.

Determined to get himself a prize the mischievous boy, named Ethan, climbed into the machine through the prize dispenser.

“He was in no hurry to get out,” the Queensland Police statement said.

Footage shared by police shows Ethan sitting in the toy machine among Hello Kitty plush toys.

The video was captioned on Facebook: “Ethan and the Police: 1. Claw Machine: 0.”

The police question whether the machine is encased in glass, before Ethan is moved to the back corner of the machine.

Police ensure he is a safe distance away and Ethan is told to over his eyes before the officers smash the glass window at the front of the machine.

The young boy turns around with a shocked look on his face as the glass falls down.

He is then lifted out of the machine by a police officer and returned safely to his family.

Facebook comments were filled with admiration for the adventurous young boy.

“So that’s how you win a prize with those things,” one user said.

Another said: “Hope he took one of each toy! LOL lucky fella.”

One user questioned why centre management didn’t have a key to open the machine.

While others said the machine supplier would have to pay for the new window because the family weren’t “supervising” their child.

“He just wanted his money back,” another woman said.

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