Buluc Chabtan is crowned as the champion of PMPL Latin America Fall 2023

The PUBG Mobile pro scene of Latin America witnessed a new champion reign over the region. The just concluded PMPL Latin America Fall 2023 has crowned its new champion Buluc Chabtan. With a total of 192 points, the table leader was 14 points ahead of their closest competitor, Team Queso.

With a total of 20 participants, the esports event set sail on the 11th of August 2023, and came to an end earlier today, the 2nd of October. The top 5 teams have qualified for the regional championship that is coming ahead, the PMPL Americas Championship Fall 2023.

PMPL Latin America Fall 2023: How it went for the champion team

Before the grand finals took place, all of the participants played in the League Stage. The six weeks of league play decided the top 16 for the grand finals. The grand final consists of a total of 20 matches where the highest point collector emerged as the champion.

PMPL Latin America Fall 2023 grand final points table
Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

The grand final matches were filled with dramatic moments and unexpected alterations in the points table. The initial day was dominated by Team Queso with 68 points while the champion team was far behind. But the scene didn’t take long to change as PMPL Latin America Fall 2023 champion Buluc Chabtan surprised everyone in the next day. Taking two WWCDs in just 5 matches was a big surprise for the others and the team topped the table with 99 points.

Another shift was spotted on the third day of the event as Version 2 climbed to the top leaving the others behind. Team Queso followed the topper with 1 point behind and so did the champion. There was a single-point gap among the top three teams. However, the final 5 rounds changed all the calculations as Buluc Chabtan went to beast mode just like the team did on the second day. Another two WWCDs went to the team’s pocket and a total of 192 points was written beside the team’s name.

Buluc Chabtan obtained a majority of the massive Prize Pool

With a total of $100,000 to share among the teams, the event was filled with intense action and power showdown for the participants. David from All Glory Gaming became the MVP of the tournament. The distribution of each team’s share after the event is as follows.

Team Ranking Prize Money
The Champion $9,000
Runner-up $7,500
3rd $7,250
4th-5th $7,000
6th $6,250
7th-8th $5,500
9th-10th $5,250
11th-12th $5,000
13th-14th $4,500
15th-16th $4,250
17th-18th $2,500
19th $1,500
20th $1,000

As the top five teams are going to the regional championship, the fans will expect the teams to perform their best to establish dominance. Besides, the next event will choose a few to send to the global event of PUBG Mobile esports. It will be interesting to watch the performance of the qualified teams in the PMPL Americas Championship Fall 2023.

What are your thoughts on Buluc Chabtan being crowned as the champion of PMPL Latin America Fall 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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