British reality star Chanelle Hayes flaunts 63kg weight loss in bikini

A former Big Brother UK contestant has shown off her 60kg weight loss while holidaying in Spain.

Chanelle Hayes was photographed in Torremolinos, wowing in a bright pink bikini as she lapped up the sunshine.

The 35-year-old underwent gastric sleeve surgery in 2020, when her weight rose to over 100kg after struggling to overcome a binge eating disorder.

Hayes appeared on the reality series eighth season in 2007, when she was just 19 years old.

The mum-of-two told OK! magazine earlier this year that her extreme weight gain in the years following her stint on the show ruined her life – leaving her confidence so low that at one point she refused to leave the house.

Hayes said she now “feels a million times better” since undergoing the surgery.

“I’m 95kg now and a dress size 6-8. Last summer, I was around 60kg and before having the sleeve fitted, I was a size 22 and 108kg,” Hayes said.

“I’ve actually been really stressed with university deadlines and the children’s schedules with schools and their dads, and I think that’s caused the weight loss.

“It means I’ve got more loose skin, so while I still feel a million times better than I did when I was unhealthy, I’m now thinking, ‘Maybe I want to do something about this’. So I’m considering a tummy tuck.”

In an Instagram post in July, Hayes said the operation had ultimately “changed her life” and she had “no regrets” about going under the knife.

“I get so many DMs about my weight loss surgery. Was I nervous? Yes! But I did plenty of research beforehand. Do I regret it? Not one bit, it’s changed my life when I was unable to do so on my own,” she wrote, alongside a series of images taken before and after her weight loss.

“Is it easy? No, there’s still lots of work to put in, it’s not a quick fix and it changes the way you eat/digest forever.

“Is it for everybody? No. Nothing is for everybody really. If you’re seriously considering bariatric surgery, do your research. Exhaust other options. Speak to a professional who is able to give you medical advice.

“Did it change my life? Yes it did and I am forever grateful … in some ways it didn’t only change my life but it saved it. It allowed me to live again. My [weight loss surgery] allowed me to experience things with my loved ones that I wouldn’t feel able to do before. It improved my mood, my health, my quality of life.

“PS – always seek medical advice from a bariatric professional. This is purely my experience as a patient.”

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