Brisbane OnlyFans star reveals horror sex accident

An adult content creator was left in hospital for nine hours while his genitalia swelled to the size of a “Coke can” after a horror accident.

Adam Manikis, who publishes adult content under the name theapolloshow, was filming for his website with a co-star when things went horribly wrong.

Initially, he believed his penis was just bruised until discovering the next day it had blown up “like a Coke can”.

He spent nine hours in hospital getting scans and was told he had a blood clot, with the doctor ordering him to stay away from sex for a month.

Now 18 days into abstaining, Adam has been documenting his journey on Instagram. In his latest update he explained that he was “losing his marbles”.

“My energy’s been through the roof, which means I’ve been training really well, super productive. But my libido is at an all time high,” he told his followers.

He said his genitalia were almost completely back to normal, which he described as a “huge relief”.

Adam Manikis' freak penis accident

“I’m still going to play it safe and take the entire 30 days so I’ve still got 12 more days,” he said.

He said he was noticeably a lot stronger in the gym and replaced his work with eating chocolate covered nuts, meaning his plan to get in shape during this time “hasn’t quite worked out”.

But it isn’t all bad news for the adult content creator.

“It probably came at an opportune time, because I had just finished shooting a bunch of videos and then I need to spend time editing them and promoting them and sending them out so it hasn’t been too bad,” Adam told the Courier Mail.

He told the publication it had been quite an interesting time, and he even found himself getting more attention from women.

“The temptation is to do it regularly as a reset,” he said.

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