Breakfast: Many Australian families still eat breakfast together, Kellogg’s research

More than three quarters of Australian families eat breakfast together, new data has revealed.

While some people only manage to eat a piece of fruit each morning, research from Kellogg’s has revealed a whopping 87 per cent of families still find time to sit down to breakfast together.

However parental guilt was shown to play a major role in this wholesome habit, with four out of five parents feeling guilty if their family goes to work or school without eating.

The guilt was found to be especially prevalent in the families who consider themselves “very active” with sports and extra-curricular activities.

Yet while many parents still struggle to encourage their kids to eat breakfast, the study revealed as many as 40 per cent of families associated less sugar with less taste in breakfast foods.

The most important factors for parents preparing breakfast were shown to be foods that are tasty (65 per cent), their kids will actually eat (62 per cent), low in sugar (48 per cent), and they will also enjoy (40 per cent).

To bridge the gap between healthy breakfasts and stubborn kids, Kellogg’s has released a new type of Coco Pops entitled Coco Pops Chocos – designed to have the same flavour but with 25 per cent less sugar.

Kellanova ANZ marketing manager Natasha Sunderland said the new Coco Pops Chocos aimed to deliver a cereal that was healthier and nutritious, but still tasty and accessible.

“They have the delicious chocolatey taste plus the added nutritional benefits of seven essential vitamins and minerals – as well as having four health stars,” Ms Sunderland said.

“Everyone knows that you need breakfast – you concentrate better, start the day better, and families need a nutritional breakfast to kickstart their day and help them to perform best at school or work.

“Often the reason kids start the day hungry is because they don’t like the breakfast options on the table – but what makes this easy is every kid loves Coco Pops.”

The new Coco Pops Chocos are now available across Australia at Woolworths and Coles supermarkets.

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