Blood Strike Season 3 starts on February 15th, 2024 with a new striker, weapons, and more

NetEase Games, the developer and publisher, proudly declares the commencement of Season 3 in Blood Strike, the renowned battle royale FPS, slated to commence on February 15, 2024. Additionally, the game is scheduled for its eagerly awaited worldwide release on March 24, 2024, as per details provided in the App Store.

Blood Strike Season 3 update introduces fresh challenges and global expansion

In Blood Strike, a maximum of 100 participants engage in confrontations across vast terrains. Players assume the roles of Strikers, distinct heroes endowed with unique abilities and talents capable of influencing the course of combat, both defensively and offensively. With the advent of each new season, gamers encounter an updated iteration of Ranked Match, presenting a rejuvenated and fiercely competitive arena to demonstrate their prowess. Anticipation escalates with the imminent global release, promising a greater influx of contenders into the battlefield.

Project: Bloodstrike early access
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In Blood Strike, reliance solely on one’s abilities isn’t necessary, as there exists a plethora of fully customizable armaments that can be deployed at will. The game prides itself on its immersive run-and-gun skirmishes, wherein victory hinges upon skill and precision. However, intrepid players may also discover equipment scattered throughout the landscape, ripe for the taking.

Moreover, players can enhance their Strike Pass to unlock opportunities for acquiring the latest Striker, VOLT, and the Origin-12 attachment dubbed “Dragon’s Breath.” The Year of the Dragon Ultra Stash injects an exciting thematic element into the game, empowering players to harness the formidable might of dragons in battle.

Meet VOLT, the cybernetic gang leader redefining combat dynamics

The latest addition to the roster is VOLT, a gang leader equipped with a cybernetic exoskeleton, introducing a fresh dimension to the battlefield. With his mastery over electromagnetic energy, he emerges as a formidable adversary, capable of inflicting damage upon foes and disrupting devices within his vicinity. Simultaneously, the new accessory, Dragon’s Breath, for the Origin-12 shotgun, introduces an incendiary element to gameplay, immersing adversaries in flames and inflicting sustained burning damage.

Blood Strike Season 3 VOLT
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Blood Strike showcases expansive maps designed to foster unrestricted movement. Players are empowered to utilize parkour, wall runs, and leaps, augmenting their strategic edge. Additionally, the game incorporates features like gliders, parachutes, and zip lines, facilitating swift and tactical traversal.

Blood Strike features respawn mechanic that encourages strategic cooperation

The game is designed to guarantee a seamless player experience, even when played on less powerful hardware. It has undergone optimization specifically for devices equipped with 2GB of RAM and limited storage capacity. This ensures that the game can run smoothly on older mobile devices, enabling a broader range of players to engage in battles without being hindered by high hardware requirements.

Image via NetEase Games

In Blood Strike, players are not left to confront adversaries alone; they have the option to collaborate with friends and collectively attempt to dominate the game map. Alongside various other features geared towards teamwork, such as the respawn mechanic, players have the ability to revive fallen teammates and seek vengeance against their opponents.

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