Blade & Soul Revolution January 2024 update brings new PvE raid, limited-time events and more

Netmarble, a prominent creator and distributor of top-tier mobile games, introduced the January 2024 update to their open-world mobile RPG, Blade & Soul Revolution. Enthusiasts can anticipate a recent PvE raid, along with temporary events and additional features.

Blade & Soul Revolution represents an expansive mobile RPG set in an open world, adapting captivating revenge-based narratives from the PC online game Blade & Soul into cinematic storytelling. Maintaining its fidelity to the PC version, the game boasts impressive full 3D visuals and extensive content, meticulously reworked to seamlessly operate on mobile platforms.

Experience the Cryo Gorge and other exciting events in the Blade & Soul Revolution January 2024 update

The Cryo Gorge presents a fresh PvE raid opportunity allowing 16 participants to engage at Heroic/Legendary levels. Within this challenge, the Cryo Demon King emerges as the formidable boss, unleashing wide-reaching Cryo Power attacks.

Blade & Soul Revolution January 2024 update Cryo Gorge
Image via Netmarble

Those who triumph over the Cryo Demon King stand to gain the Radiant Cryo Demon King Legendary Soul Shield, enhancing a range of stats such as Defense Ignorance, Attack Power in PvP scenarios, Reduction of Attack, and more. The following limited-time events are now available until February 1:

  • Cryo Gorge Conquest Chronicles: Complete in-game missions including clearing the Seasonal Dungeon and Heroic/Legendary Dungeon can earn rewards including Legendary Ticket Fragment and Heroic Tickets Fragment.
  • Fragment Expedition: Earn Ancient Fragment (up to 60) by completing missions such as the Training Ground and Faction War.
  • What’s My Name: Players who complete in-game missions including using Battle Stamina can get a new emotion in MAVE: What’s My Name theme.
Blade & Soul Revolution March 2023 update, Blade & Soul Revolution Ju;y 2023 update, Blade & Soul Revolution 5th anniversary
Image via Netmarble

Players can obtain the New Year Celebration Gift Chest 10+1 by using Silver. This chest includes Protection Stone, Radiant Legendary Weapon Chest, Radiant Legendary Accessory Chest, and more.

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