Ben Affleck, Channing Tatum: How women make men hotter

Being in a relationship will make you hotter if you’re a man.

The syndrome is known as the “girlfriend effect” and it has been trending all over TikTok, with women sharing their boyfriend’s glow-ups.

It isn’t that being in a relationship suddenly makes men look like Sam Worthington, but there’s no denying that women aid men in reaching their peak hotness.

The women step in and help men find a style and looks that suits them and suddenly they look hotter.

Facts are facts.

I think we’ve all known this for awhile. We’ve all seen it play-out in real life.

An average looking man will score a girlfriend and suddenly he is wearing nice sneakers and has stopped wearing his loud printed board shorts to the pub.

The girlfriend effect has now just been exposed the masses thanks to the thousands of creators sharing how they helped their boyfriend look better.

The trend is simple.

A creator will show how their boyfriend looked before they started dating, and the details vary, but the vibe is the same.

He’ll be poorly dressed with a questionable haircut.

Then bam!

After a few months with a girlfriend, he’ll wear stylish outfits and have a grown-up haircut and just look better.

Creator Aileen went viral when she shared how much better her boyfriend looked after being in a relationship with her.

She showed photos of her partner Devon and, before they got together, he was very keen on a weirdly long pair of shorts, a bright singlet and an unattractive hat.

Now that she’s worked her magic, he is wearing co-ordinated outfits, flattering fits and looking like a stylish king.

People were impressed.

“Girl you did that!” someone praised.

“Healthy relationship confidence,” another claimed.

“Damn girl you did phenomenal,” someone commented.

Now, it isn’t just the women on TikTok getting in on this action. We see it in the celebrity world all the time.

A prime example is Ben Affleck.

After his divorce from Jennifer Garner he was constantly spotted looking tired and sometimes even smoking.

Sure, he was still a hugely famous star, but he wasn’t looking his best and everyone was a little concerned.

He always looked tired, sad and like he’d just forgotten something and had been roused on. It wasn’t a vibe.

Then he started dating Jennifer Lopez again and the change was almost instant. It was quite simply a miracle.

He went from looking downtrodden to downright sexy again.

Similarly, Channing Tatum has had a complete glow-up thanks to Zoe Kravitz. Things weren’t quite as bad for him as Ben.

He wasn’t spotted chain smoking and buying doughnuts constantly, but things weren’t going well.

Sure, Channing was always hot but he was in a bit of a cringe era in his career. He’d done some big movies and was now floundering.

Plus there was that time he was spotted wearing very gold pants and that didn’t help matters.

Then Zoe swooped in and he went from directionless movie star to bona fide Indie cool boy.

So what have we learnt?

Well, if you are a man and you want to look better, just get a girlfriend.

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