Battle Royale is a fun action title now available for Android and iOS

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale is an entertaining action game from LTGAMES GLOBAL, and it is now available to download on both Android and iOS platforms. In this game, you dive into fun-filled 5-minute brawls featuring numerous thrilling modes.

Plenty of game modes and hilarious characters to enjoy in Funny Fighters

In this game, you shall engage in quick 5-minute brawl-style matches. So, you dive into amusing battles with a variety of modes and get creative with heroes and weapons. The game comes with easy controls to pick, run, smash, hide, and shoot with just two fingers. Discover a cast of funny and stylish heroes like Barber Tony and Afro-haired Dr. Peculiar.

Funny Fighters Battle Royale gameplay

Now, let us talk about skills and weapons. You can pick any hero according to your liking with different skills and abilities. Unleash amusing skills and wield unique weapons, from Nerdy Nelly’s book attack to Horseman’s healing powers. You can equip yourself with Gas Tanks, Selfie Sticks, and more for thrilling poses and unpredictable brawls.

Engage in a diverse array of modes for a global carnival of fun, from 3v3 Arena battles to the chaos of 8v8 Battle Royale Frenzy survival. Join forces in the 4v4 battle modes such as Gold Rush, City Classic Mode, and Soccer Match, and strategize in 5v5 Heist Mode, and enjoy some 1v1 and 2v2 battles in Solo and Duo Wilderness Mode.

Overall, With quirky heroes, hilarious art, and easy-to-pick-up gameplay, Funny Fighters: Battle Royale is the ultimate stress-buster for endless joy. The game is available in two versions, one for SEA where you can get it for Android and iOS, and the global version published by Boltray Games, which can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

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