Bang Bang (MLBB) Esports unveils its 2024 roadmap

The 2024 roadmap for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Esports introduces the transformation of MSC into the Mid-Season Cup. Initially revealed in the esports roadmap video for 2024, this rebranding aligns with the MOONTON Games Esports for Everyone initiative, aiming to foster diversity and inclusivity.

The objective is to expand opportunities for global athletes to engage in one of the world’s most prominent esports tournaments. The Mid Season Cup marks its inaugural event outside Southeast Asia, embracing additional regions like China and a heightened prize pool.

Mobile Legends MLBB Esports 2024 roadmap unveils over 2000 tournaments to be held worldwide

Enthusiasts have the chance to prepare in advance for an eventful year that promises an abundance of third-party tournaments and events to promote increased inclusivity and diversity. In 2024, a multitude of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang matches, surpassing 2000 in number, spanning across 55 countries and regions will be hosted by MLBB Esports teams, professional and semi-professional organizers, and community tournament hosts.

Mobile Legends 2024 MSC REBRAND LOGO
Image via MOONTON Games

This extensive lineup encompasses various significant events such as the Snapdragon Pro Series organized by EFG, MSC 2024, the MLBB Women’s Invitational, the M6 World Championship, IESF, and numerous others. The tournaments scheduled for the upcoming year will span several significant regions.

These include Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, the Middle East, North Africa, East Europe, Central Asia, Türkiye, Mongolia, the Mekong Region (comprising Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Brunei), North America, Latin America, and notably, China, which promises to be particularly thrilling.

MSC 2024 details are awaited as the Mobile Legends competitive scene gears up

The M6 World Championship is set to reintroduce the Wild Card Format, alongside the Group and Knockout Stage. This global tournament is scheduled to take place in Malaysia, marking a return to the location of the inaugural M-Series. Spanning from November to December, it will feature 20+ teams representing over 20 countries and regions, with an exciting lineup of 50+ matches.

Mobile Legends M6 World Championship 2024 to be held in Malaysia cover
Image via MOONTON Games

In addition, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional Leagues and semi-professional tournaments are planned for February to mid-June, followed by another series between August and October. These events will serve as qualifiers for officially sanctioned competitions. MOONTON is yet to announce further information about the much-awaited MSC 2024.

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