Australians rush to buy Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila after launching in Liquorland

Australians are going wild after a hugely popular product created by a world-famous supermodel hit shelves Down Under.

Kendall Jenner launched 818 Tequila in the US to rave reviews from fans in 2021, most recently stocking it in the UK where it was met with similar praise.

Now the highly-sought after alcoholic beverage is finally available to buy here, sparking a frenzy among young Aussies who are posting “real” reviews of the boozy buy.

Two varieties of 818 Tequila are being sold exclusively in Liquorland, the bottle-shop arm of the Coles Group.

This includes the brand’s “Tequila Blanco”, a light tequila with a crisp citrus finish and notes of almond, key lime pie, and toasted coconut, priced at $100. The 818 “Tequila Reposado”, which retails at $110, is also available, offering drinkers a darker variety with a richer flavour profile, containing notes of orange peel, chocolate, and toffee.

Since hitting shelves, fans of the Kardashians star have been snapping up the “expensive” drink, and sharing their thoughts on social media.

Melbourne woman Tayla took to TikTok with her “raw reaction” to 818 after admitting she’d been waiting “for years” to try it.

She and a friend tried the Reposado variety, both admitting they “aren’t fans” of tequila, before taking a shot.

“Yum, that’s actually pretty good,” Tayla states, before declaring she can “taste the caramel”.

Another user told Aussies to “run, not walk” to snag a bottle before showing it displayed proudly in her liquor cabinet.

“Guys, I ain’t playing, this is some of the best tequila I’ve ever had,” another said in a video.

Others debated whether the tequila was worth $100, noting the bottle “wasn’t even full” – but all eventually landed on “it’s worth it”.

“This is delicious,” one declared, adding: “This is the best drink ever”.

818 said the products are not just popular, but also “high quality”, stating this was down to the brand’s unique distillation process which is completed inside alembic copper pot stills before being aged in American and French oak barrels.

“We want to keep as classic a profile as possible, this was very important for our team, Kendall included,” David Yan Gonzalez, director of tequila operations at 818, said.

“We’re celebrating the tradition of this centuries old industry and doing something really special for the heritage of Mexico.

“Tequila is such a huge part of our festivities and sharing our better moments as people, as family, as friends. 818 now offers the world that.”

Sustainability is said to be at the forefront of the brand’s production, with everything from the agaves they grow, to the production and labelling of each bottle, being conducted using sustainable tequila practices.

818’s distillery is run on biomass and solar power to reduce carbon emissions, their bottles are made with recycled glass, and their paper products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Most recently, 818 was awarded B Corporation status, showing its commitment to sustainability.

“We are thrilled to be launching 818 Tequila in Australia and we hope that 818 will find success here as it has all over the world,” Kendall said in a statement.

“818 is all about a sense of community and bringing people together, and we think our ethos aligns perfectly with the Australian consumer.”

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