Australians angry at $29 price of Coles new Snag the Sausage Dog and Koala Cake

Coles shoppers have been left divided over a new product which retails for $29 – with many arguing it is “expensive”.

The Australian retailer recently dropped a new line of “great value celebration cakes” which include a “Vanilla Koaka Cake” and “Snag the Sausage Dog” – a chocolate log cake adorned with colourful decorations.

But despite the supermarket giant stating the cakes are sure to be a “hit” aross the nation, some Coles customers have already taken aim at the pricing, arguing they’re “not paying $29 for a cake”.

“We are confident ‘Snag’ will be a hit with kids and dog-lovers alike, and it is our hope the dog will become an iconic tradition for families at their get-togethers for years to come,” Kate Roff, Coles General Manager for Bakery, told

“We all know what it is like to spend hours in the kitchen when this time could be better spent celebrating with family and friends, which is why we are excited to offer great new cake options to help customers enjoy what matters most.”

$29 Coles item divides Aussies: 'Expensive'

“Whether customers are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just in need of a sweet indulgence, we wanted to create options that not only taste amazing but also bring a sense of fun and creativity to any occasion.”

Price of Coles Koala Cake surprises Aussies

But the price of the “exciting” new grocery items, which land nationally in stores and online from March 29, has fallen flat with some.

One shopper who spotted the Koala Cake while picking up their groceries and “thought it was so cute” – but then saw how much it cost and decided to take to TikTok.

“I saw this cake and thought it was so cute, it had a really yummy centre, and I thought, ‘OK cool, how much is it?’” she explained.

“I had a look at the price and it was $29.

“It is literally the exact same size as the Coles Mud Cake. What the hell?”

The Coles Mud Cake retails for $6.40.

Many were quick to react to the price, stating the vanilla sponge – which has a jam centre and is topped with sprinkles and edible decorations – is “so expensive”.

“It’s just a sponge cake with jam. It’s only $29 cos it’s ‘fancy’ and aimed at parents,” one suggested.

“These are mass produced and kept frozen. $30 for a frozen cake is absurd,” another added.

As one claimed: “It’s a lamington with eyes.”

“For $29 it better be fully organic, sprinkled with chia seeds AND sing the Aussie anthem,” one chipped in.

“The price is not cute,” one raged.

“$30 for a sponge cake is outrageous,” another agreed.

Despite many believing the price was “too much” for most, many Australians declared the grocery item was “too cute to resist”.

“Yum, I’d buy one for my kid’s birthday.” one wrote.

“It’s very tasty, bought one last week,” someone else agreed.

It’s not the only new cake to hit Coles shelves, with the supermarket giant also launching Snag the Sausage Dog for the same price as Koala Cake.

Snag is a chocolate sponge roll that is covered in milk chocolate and decorated with a face as well as chocolate buttons and sprinkles.

Aussie version of cult-UK item lands in Coles

A video, shared by popular foodie @nectoriouspapi, has struck a much happier chord with customers as many declared they “need” the delicious treat.

“Shut up and take my money!!” one commented.

“OMG that’s adorable,” another shared.

Many pointed out the cake’s striking similarity to a cult British grocery item, Marks & Spencer’s Colin the Caterpillar.


“OMG an Aussie version of Colin, I’m so excited,” another shared.

As one asked: “Can anyone confirm if this tastes like Collin the Caterpillar? I’ve always wanted to try that.”


“It’s literally the same as a cult cake in the UK that we grew up with,” one added.

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