Australian woman slammed over bridesmaid dress at sister’s wedding

An Aussie woman has been slammed for her choice of bridesmaid dress that some deem “inappropriate” for a wedding.

Georgia, who is in her twenties, took to TikTok to ask people what dress she should wear as a bridesmaid to her sister’s wedding.

“I’m in an absolute panic about what to wear to my sister’s wedding tomorrow; I’m a bridesmaid, the theme is pink, and we got to pick our own dresses,” she explained.

The Aussie bridesmaid said she’d narrowed it down to two choices: one was a beautiful pink two-piece with a cut-out revealing her midriff, and the second option was a gorgeous pink sequined gown.

She flagged she was a little “worried” about getting her stomach out as a bridesmaid and asked people to help her decide what to wear.

The comments were split; while many women commented and encouraged her to wear the midriff option because it looked “really nice” and people were “obsessed” with the fit – other people claimed it was completely inappropriate.

One woman wrote that she’d be so “mad” if a bridesmaid dared to bare their tummy at her wedding.

Another said she should wear the first option but only if she could stitch the skirt to the top to cover up more.

One wrote that baring a midriff at a wedding was “concerning”, and someone else said the two-part dress wasn’t “classy,” while one said the first dress option just “screamed” look at me.

Women were not holding back in the comment section; in fact, things got so brutal women were sharing that if their bridesmaid turned up in a two-piece that showed off some skin, it would make them angry.

“I would kill my sister if she wore either” one wrote.

“I’d be so mad if you turned up in either,” another claimed.

“I think they’re both inappropriate,” someone else advised.

One person claimed the dress was more like a bra and skirt and, so, a definite no, and someone else said wearing the two-piece dress was an attempt to steal from the bride’s big “moment”.

Despite the negative feedback, Georgia wore the two-piece dress to her sister’s wedding and claimed she had no regrets.

She explained that she didn’t expect people to be “divided” over her midriff option but was so “so glad” she ended up wearing it anyway.

She added that she’d “consulted” the bride about what she should wear and that she was more than happy with her choice.

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