Australian man fumes after neighbour puts prawn heads in bin

A man has lashed out after he discovered his neighbour had put prawn scraps in his bin after they had been collected.

The man took to Reddit to vent his frustration, asking if he was being “pedantic” or was justified in his actions.

He explained he had been staying at his mother’s with his family when he decided to check his home’s security cameras.

“Got an alert that someone was at the front of the house, and it’s one of my unit complex neighbours putting bags of rubbish in my already emptied bin on the side of the road,” he explained.

He said he came home to feed the cat and was still annoyed about what had happened so he went to his bin and discovered the bag that had been placed in the bin stunk as it was filled with prawns and food scraps.

So, he grabbed the bag and went over to his neighbour’s home.

“Buzzed the intercom to his unit and let him know his rubbish was downstairs and to use his own bin instead of mine – met with a response of ‘righto’,” he said.

“Bit of a non-event I know but it still irked me that someone would make a d***head move like that.

“We’ve had no issues before, just passing hellos and I’m not going to bring it up – he knows he was in the wrong.”

But the man wondered if he should have just let it slide with it being the Christmas season.

Fellow social media users weighed in on the bin issue.

One said: “I put my prawn scraps in the freezer and only put them in the bin the night of collection. Stinks to high heaven otherwise, even in winter. Your neighbour is a savage.”

“No way! If he thinks he can get away with it, he’ll continue to do so. You did the right thing and nicer than I would’ve,” another said.

One added: “The only time where it is acceptable to place any rubbish in another persons bin (let alone prawn scraps), is the night before collection, with the afternoon after collection being the absolute worst time to do this and the highest crime in the kangaroo court.”

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