Australian bride dances to Macklemore before her wedding

An Australian bride has gone viral for the unique way she dealt with wedding day nerves.

TikTok user @megansarathom posted a video of herself on the way to her wedding, singing to Macklemore’s hit song Glorious.

Megan sings and dances in her car seat, saying she was getting out her pre-wedding nerves before walking down the aisle.

The video has attracted 4.9 million views, as people resonated with her feelings.

Many said they had done something similar before their big day, with others even sharing they had the same song choice when they were the bride.

“Me, my parents and my sis belted out Chapel of Love for almost the whole 10 minute car ride. You gotta have the hype music,” one social media user shared in the comment section.

Another said: “I gotta give it to Macklemore. He made some of the best hype songs.”

“Wow, I vibed to Macklemore before my wedding as well,” one like-minded individual said.

One social media user said: “You look like a 2000s rom-com bride! Absolutely gorgeous.”

“I want to be your bridesmaid and I want you to be my bridesmaid cause you obviously understand the assignment,” another said.

One revealed: “You have officially made it my goal to have a car dance party on my way to my wedding one day!!”

“I’m glad she had fun, sometimes simple things are the best,” another user commented.

Another said: “My mum and dad is getting married tomorrow we are at the hotel and she is listening to this song and she is dancing around.”

“Macklemore will always be my stress reliever,” one social media user commented on the clip.

One shared: “No for real getting nervous energy out is a thing I was blasting music while driving to my graduation yesterday haha.”

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