Australian accent voted most attractive in the world

Australians have one of the most attractive accents in the world, according to a new study.

More than 1000 Americans weighed in on their perceptions of different national and foreign accents using audio samples from the Speech Accent Archive created by George Mason University.

The survey, conducted by souvenir plot company Highland Titles, determined Australians had the most attractive way of speaking in both females and males.

Scottish accents came in second place followed by London and Irish accents.

Interestingly, the Americans didn’t vote favourably of their own various accents, with the famous New York intonation landing the top spot for least attractive accent, followed by Boston in second place and American Midwestern in third.

The study also voted on the beautiful accents, which saw Australian come in third place, after French and Scottish respectively.

Australian also came in third place for the most romantic accent, losing to first place winner, French, followed by Spanish which came in spot two.

However, the Australian accent jumped back up to second place for most charming accents, losing out this time to Scottish. Irish came in third place in this category.

Australians and Americans have been equally surprised by the findings, with many sharing their shock online after the results were published recently.

“Someone clearly deaf or Australian made this,” one US-based man commented.

“Ironically they voted for the one group of people who don’t give a FUHH what people vote for,” another American remarked.

“This is wild,” another scoffed.

Aussies were just as confused, with many roasting the results of the survey.

“As an Australian, y’all are f**ken lying mate wtf,” one teased.

“Yeh fkn straya mate,” another laughed.

As one stated: “US peeps are thinking Chris Hemsworth and Cate Blanchett… but none of those overseas mob have heard our county bogan accents.”

“Guess they haven’t heard the bogan Aussie,” another agreed.

“Who put Australian in first place? I think most Australians would disagree,” one chipped in.

Interestingly, online dating website eHarmony discovered Aussies perceive British English and French as the most attractive accents.

A survey published by the dating website in August found the 41 per cent of Aussies found the two varying tones were equally as appealing, followed by Italian (32 per cent) and Irish (30 per cent).

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