Aussies pan cult chocolate from YouTuber Mr Beast

A cult chocolate from one of the world’s biggest YouTuber has inspired less than rave reviews from fans.

Mr Beast’s Feastables chocolate range arrived in Woolworths this week, prompting hysteria among the star’s fans.

Food bloggers have rushed to try the chocolate and have shared less than rave reviews about the bars.

TikTok user @angeeats tried the Feastables Original Choco and the Feastables Milk Chocolate bars.

“The bar is wafer thin. It smells like dark chocolate, so I don’t know where the milk chocolate comes from” Ange said.

After taking a bite he simply said “nup” and added he was having trouble swallowing it.

Another food reviewer, @russ.eats, was a little more forgiving than Ange’s review, saying the Original tasted similar to a Lindt bar.

“The Lindt is obviously better, but this isn’t bad. I give it a 6.5 out of 10,” he said. However the Deez Nuts flavour was panned as Russ said it had a “sus aftertaste”.

However, not everyone agreed with the bad reviews, with many saying that loved the chocolate but their only issue was the price.

“I loved the chocolate, the only problem is the price,” one fan from the United States said of the chocolate.

Another person said: “As proved by the ingredients, this is REAL chocolate, and for an American consumer more in line with a ‘dark chocolate’ with that less sweet and more bitter high cocoa flavour profile.

“I found the taste delicious and texture of this chocolate to be right on, especially at the price point.

“This bar tastes great and is used from cacao pods, unlike other chocolate bars with fattening ingredients. For me, this bar came around 2.50 a bar. This bar is not my favourite but has an

amazing taste. I recommend this bar,” another US buyer said.

The highly anticipated chocolate launched in Woolworths stores this week, with shoppers able to snap up a 35 gram for $2.50 and a 60 gram block for $4.

“We’re excited to be the first Australian supermarket to offer Feastables bars. We’re always looking at the latest trends to keep up with our customer tastes, and we’ve actually already had many customers ask us about Feastables, so we’re hoping these will be a hit,” a Woolworths spokesperson said.

Reed Duchscher, Feastables CEO, said the brand was excited to be launching in the supermarket.

“Together, we will bring extraordinary experiences and high-quality products that embody the values of Mr Beast,” Reed said.

“Our teams worked tirelessly to be able to reach the Australian market in such a short time, and we are all very excited to finally get to see Feastables in the hands of fans across the country.”

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