Aussies lose it over detail in self-serve checkouts

An Aussie trying to start a supermarket self-service checkout boycott is being met with a mixed response online, and the vibe is more “yeah nah” than you’d expect.

The fed-up shopper took to Reddit to reveal the final straw that led to them refusing to use self-serve checkouts at supermarkets and asked others to join them in their fight against machine.

Surprisingly, they weren’t boycotting because self-serve checkouts cruelly make you aware that you can’t spell everyday produce items or because sometimes the checkout beeps at you even after you’ve scanned everything and then you have to desperately try and flag down a self-service attendee with the vigour of an eager hitchhiker.

No, instead, the anonymous Aussie said that the clincher had been the introduction of the cameras that now show your face.

We’ve all been mindlessly scanning our eggs only to be faced with a very unflattering photo of our face to appear on the screen.

The shopper explained that it made them feel like they were being treated like a “thief”, and they weren’t having a bar of it and were ready to take a stand.

“F**k you, if you’re going to treat me like a thief you can employ someone to serve me. Their innocent mistake in scanning won’t result in shoplifting accusations for me,” they wrote.

The boycotters urged others to do the same.

“If there are no cashiers available, I wait at the service desk till I’m served. I’m not free labour, and they’re not stealing other people’s jobs and hours just because they introduce a self-serve conveyor belt or some other nonsense,” they fumed.

The poster said that it was now up to other Aussies to stop “supporting” it, and it was time for a nationwide boycott.

“If everyone banded together and made a conscious choice to refuse to be treated like shit, there would be more job security as they would have to put more people on. Stop supporting this shit. You can do something about it. Get in a line, wait an extra minute if you have to and vote with your feet.”

The passionate call-out received a massive response from Aussies, but only some were keen for a boycott.

One person had the most Aussie responses ever and wrote back “nah” before explaining that they preferred to do things at their own pace and without interaction.

“Unexpected item in the baggage area,” someone taunted in response.

Another claimed that war just wasn’t a winnable one in 2023 and told the person they better be prepared to wait “half an hour” to be served at a check out.

One told the boycotter that “screaming” about stolen jobs wasn’t the vibe because supermarket workers don’t like working at the checkout and “dared” them to find someone who does.

While other people in the comment section claimed self-service was a better option because there was no “forced” social interaction.

Thankfully, for the boycotting Aussie, not everyone was refusing to join them. One claimed they admired their “determination,” another said they were happy to join the “bandwagon” and said they’d started asking supermarket workers to open up other checkouts.

While one said they were on “board” because they believe businesses should be employing more Aussies.

It is certainly not easy trying to start a nationwide boycott.

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