Aussies divided as Twisties combine two cult flavours in one bag

An Australian snack company has taken the guess work out of picking a packet of chips by combining two of its most popular flavours into the one bag.

Twisties have introduced the Twisties Chickeese — a mix of its chicken and cheese flavoured chips in the same bag — in a bid to solve a difficult dilemma often faced when wandering down the snack aisle.

But while PepsiCo, who manufactures a number of beloved Australian chip brands, has done what some might think is unthinkable – Australians have been divided by the move.

“Chicken and Cheese Twisties taste better together, and we’re delighted to finally announce Twisties Chickeese – the flavour everyone’s been waiting for,” a Twisties spokesperson told

“We believe Twisties Chickeese is the future of snacking and the future of the brand and we can’t wait to hear what Aussies think.”

While there’s no word on a release date just yet, an image of the brand new chips has already made its way to Reddit, where the “groundbreaking” new flavour has divided.

Many social media users said they were excited to sink their teeth into the Twisties Chickeese, while others – including the person that snapped the image – declared that Twisties were “officially ruined”.

“I feel like at the factory they accidentally mixed a whole bunch together, or there is a place in production where loose but still edible Twisties all end up in the same place, and this is marketing’s solution,” one person pondered.

One social media user said: “I’m obsessed with the Chicken Twisties. I’m putting this on my shopping list for Monday.”

“Not going to lie – would be interested in trying a pack,” one said.

Another social media user said: “Saves me buying two bags or having to choose. Now make a bag that has Burger Rings mixed in as well and I’ll be even happier.”

“We mixed them together at recess when we were kids back in the 80s. How did it take them this long to give it a shot,” one asked.

“Ugh. Imagine biting into a Twistie and realising it’s cheese flavoured,” one complained, while another declared that the chicken was in fact the worst flavour.

Twisties are no stranger to creating controversial flavours, with the cult-Aussie chip recently being released in an array of new limited-edition varieties, including Spicy Ramen, Cinnamon Donut and Twisted Raspberry.

The new varieties of the popular chip have left many Australians divided, with some declaring them “too much” for their tastebuds.

“Nah, this is too much, don’t mess with our Twisties,” one said after the raspberry flavour were released.

“Can’t we just keep it simple with regular Twisties?” another asked.

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