Aussies can’t find mini Cadbury Easter eggs

Aussies are taking to social media to share their distress that they can’t find mini chocolate eggs this Easter.

Melburnian Liv shared her shock on TikTok that she couldn’t track any Cadbury Mini Eggs down.

“Normally, I can get them from my local Coles,” she said.

If you’re unfamiliar with the miniature sweet treats, the name perfectly describes the product. They are small chocolate Easter eggs with crispy shells.

Liv explained that during the Easter period she usually treats herself to Mini Eggs quite often but this season she was unsure of where to find them.

“Where the f**k are they? I cannot find them anywhere,” she said.

The Mini Egg fiasco clearly resonates with people online because the video racked up over 100,000 views.

“If you know where any Mini Eggs are, please comment below because I’m having withdrawals,” she said.

Aussies were quick to suggest the classic places to buy them, like Kmart, Coles, and Woolworths, but Liv replied that she hadn’t been able to find them at any of those locations and explained that the search had been a “struggle.”

People in Liv’s situation, who have been unable to track down Mini Eggs, were quick to commiserate with her.

Someone called it “frustrating,” another labelled the saga “sad,” and another said she thought she was going “insane” until she heard Liv’s rant.

Someone else said they got so “desperate” that they ended up finding some in an unlikely spot — fabric chain Spotlight.

Eventually, Liv managed to nab some at Big W. It was such an achievement she even posted a follow-up video to let everyone know she secured them.

Liv’s stressful egg search is becoming quite the normal drama this season. In fact, Aussie creator Abbie went on a Mini Egg hunt after having no luck tracking them down.

She posted a video of herself trying to find some at her local shopping centre but admitted she wasn’t “hopeful.”

She couldn’t find any in Kmart, Big W, Woolies, Coles or The Reject Shop.

“I think I’m just accepting that I’m never going to have any Mini Eggs this Easter. I’ve been defeated,” she declared.

Similarly, Canadian creator Bailey announced to her followers that she had a “serious” conversation to have.

“Where the f**k are all the Mini Eggs?” she asked.

She said she couldn’t find them “anywhere,” and she was annoyed because you can only buy them during Easter. Now, she was going to miss her chance.

“There’s none you can’t find anywhere, and we only get them during Easter,” she said.

When someone in the comments admitted they’d never tried a Mini Egg before and wondered what the fuss was all about, Bailey responded and described mini eggs as “perfection.”

Mini Eggs are still around but not as easy to locate this year.

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