Aussie singer’s brilliant clapback to trolls

An Aussie singer cruelly targeted by trolls over his rare disability has had the last laugh after his song went viral – largely due to the attention he received from heartless online bullies.

Melbourne’s Sean Millis, 22, became a fan favourite after appearing on The Voice earlier this year.

But as his fan base grew on social media, so too did the negative comments.

Trolls were quick to flood his videos with mean-spirited comments comparing him to Rasmus Højlund, a Manchester United player who has never scored a goal in the Premier League.

“Hojlund when he’s injured,” one troll commented on one clip, while many others requested he post his football season “highlights” instead of singing and finally score a goal.

A lot of people did not agree with the hate he was receiving, leaving supportive messages.

“I don’t get why people are making fun of you dude. You have a beautiful voice! Keep singing. Your awesome! Good job dude!” one person wrote.

Another chimed in: “Why is everyone acting as a child. His voice is incredible.”

Millis suffers from a rare genetic disorder — Hunter syndrome, in which the body doesn’t properly break down sugar molecules.

It causes abnormalities in many organs, as well as alters a person’s physical appearance.

Those suffering from Hunter syndrome may have a large head and distinctive facial features including a prominent forehead, a nose with a flattened bridge and an enlarged tongue.

Instead of letting them get to him, Mr Mills joined in on the joke, sharing videos of himself in a Manchester United jersey on TikTok and spreading positive messages to viewers.

“Hojlund, my brother, I know you can do this, a miracle is coming. I’m here to spread inspiration,” the singer said in one of his TikToks.

The miracle came on Tuesday after the Manchester United striker scored the winning goal in a dramatic 3-2 win over Aston Villa at Old Trafford.

Hojlund’s success soon followed the Aussie singer, boosting his song Waiting on a Miracle on social media so much it climbed UK song charts.

The singer shared a video of himself receiving the news in what proved to be a rather wholesome moment.

“I just wanted to let you know you are number one in the UK in the Viral Charts,” Millis’ manager can be heard saying in the video.

“You are number one in the UK, number three in Ireland, number four in Denmark, number five in Norway, so congrats,” she said.

Mr Mills can be seen visibly shocked, shaking his head in response to the mind-blowing news.

“Your joking right?” he exclaimed in response.

“That’s incredible, thats insane. I’ve never been first at anything.”

The TikTok video captioned “A Number #1 Christmas miracle! Love you guys” has already racked up millions of views, with supportive messages coming in from all directions — trolls included.

“Thank you man without you Hojlund wouldn’t score tonight,” a person wrote.

“We made the right man famous,” joined in another.

A third wrote: “Hojlund needed a miracle to make a single first goal, you helped him!!”

While a few trolls dubbed him a “marketing genius”, saying the “the Hojlund meme made him famous.”

Hojlund claimed to be the “happiest man alive” after scoring the winning goal on the 82nd minute of the match.

His cathartic strike ended Manchester United’s four-match winless run in all competitions and lifted them to sixth in the Premier League.

The singer congratulated Hojlund in a wholesome TikTok video, a day before receiving the news his song went viral.

“Hojlund you’ve done it, you’re a legend man and I hope my song helped you get your miracle goal,” he said.

“You’re amazing and I know this is the first song out of many.”

According to the singer he has an exciting journey ahead, as he is set to appear in a Hollywood blockbuster next year.

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