Aussie pub drops wild 2023 wrap: Melbourne viral video

An Aussie pub has joined in on the “wrapped” trend started by Spotify, posting its own ‘best of 2023’.

The pub in question — The Labour in Vain Hotel, located in Melbourne, has generously posted a video compilation of the pub’s best moments of 2023, captured by their own CCTV cameras.

The caption read: “Wishing you all a happy new year, hoping your year was interesting as ours.”

The CCTV cameras inside and outside the pub managed to capture wild moments throughout the year — from people drunkenly exercising on the floor to thieves stealing various items.

The video starts strongly with a man epically failing to perform a skateboard trick outside the pub’s entrance.

A woman can be seen running out with a handful of spring onion bunches, dropping them upon exiting the pub.

Another clip shows revellers outside scrambling to dodge a cloud of burning rubber as a passerby lays down a massive burnout on the road.

Later in the video, a man appears to rip a bike from the pole it was secured to, destroying it in the process.

The bike’s rear wheel flies off, making it completely unusable, but even this didn’t stop the cyclists.

He then tries to fix the bike by putting the wheel back onto the frame, and whether or not he was successful remains a mystery.

The video depicts several other alleged robberies targeted at ashtrays located outside the venue, with people walking by and deciding to take them home with them.

The acts caught on camera inside the pub are even more wild — a woman can be seen sitting on a pool table flashing her bare bum as her friend aims the billiard ball at her, scoring.

A couple of drunken acts were featured in the compilation — people urinating at the entrance of the pub, throwing up and even starting fights.

The video has already racked up more than 600 thousand views, with hundreds of people flocking to comments to express their shock and join the fun.

“This is my favourite compilation video of all time — the pool ball in the butt omg I die,” a person wrote.

“It’s a shame funniest home videos isn’t on telly anymore. You guys would’ve cleaned up,” chimed in another.

A third wrote: “Australia has such a rich, beautiful culture. Prove me wrong.”

While another added: “Mostly relieved I didn’t spot myself, but this is the Annual Wrapped we all need.

“Annual Wrapped”, as eluded to by the commenter, is a trend started by Spotify several years ago, where the company created a detailed rundown of the year for its users.

Over the years, this trend has taken a life of its own, with many other companies joining in and creating their own versions, as well as people posting their personalised year reviews. has reached out to the pub for comments … Watch this space.

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