Aussie OnlyFans sensation Tasha Paige falls pregnant while filming content

OnlyFans star Tasha Paige has shared a profound moment of her life with her massive TikTok audience – she’s pregnant.

The 23-year-old, who gained rapid fame in 2023 for her candid and colourful content, waved a positive pregnancy test to the camera in a TikTok video, exclaiming, “I’m pregnant, happy new year,” and reflecting, “it all caught up with me”.

Tasha, known for her open discussions about her dating life and collaborations for content creation, skyrocketed to stardom on TikTok, accumulating over 11 million likes.

However, her fame was accompanied by financial scrutiny when she faced a substantial $176,000 tax bill in 2023, far exceeding the $18,200 tax-free threshold.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Tasha voiced her frustration about her tax situation, saying, “It’s annoying when [the government] are like, ‘Oh, you guys have to pay GST now’ when we’re not actually, you know, selling a product per se.

“That kind of shows that they see us as a product because we earn by selling ourselves online.”

The unexpected revelation of Tasha’s pregnancy has left her followers in a state of confusion.

In the comments section, reactions ranged from celebrating Tasha to queries about her plans.

“We hitting the clinic up or whaatt,” one user commented. While another wasn’t sure whether Tasha needed “congratulations or my condolences”.

In a previous video, posted on December 28, 2023, Tasha revealed her period was “v late”.

“I’m so sad and moody and just down and depressed,” she said before pulling out a box of pregnancy tests.

Tasha, so far, has not clarified whether she will keep the baby.

According to a representative who spoke to Yahoo!, she is currently uncertain and is in discussions with the father, with whom she shares an amicable relationship.

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