Aussie café sign sparks outrage when asked for Starbucks-style coffee

An Australian café has sparked a debate online over a sign displayed specifically for any customer planning on ordering an iced coffee.

The sign, posted to social media, outlines the café does not serve “Starbucks Style” iced coffees.

“We don’t have flavourings, it is not cold brewed and it is not served in plastic,” the sign reads.

The sign then outlines what customers can expect from one of their iced beverages.

“It is literally espresso coffee, ice served with either cold water or cold milk”.

A customer at the café made a video of the sign and posted it to TikTok, prompting many to debate the right and wrong way to make an iced coffee.

“Can’t they put ice cream in it?” read one comment.

With another agreeing: “Iced coffee is usually a coffee syrup served over ice cream, milk, ice and topped with whipped cream”.

Some people were unsure how an iced coffee should be made, with one person writing “An iced coffee has ice cream and cream no?”

Others agreed with the cafes stance on not making ‘Starbucks style’ coffees.

“That’s embarrassing as an Aussie you have to put this. Aussie coffee is elite and the best. American coffee is terrible hence all the [stuff] they put in,” one person wrote.

“That’s exactly how an iced latte should be,” someone else agreed.

The outrage comes as another small business in an affluent Sydney suburb found itself embroiled in controversy over a door sign.

A popular massage parlour displayed a sign inside their store window, explained its services were “non-sexual”.

A local who saw the sign, posted an image to a local Mosman Facebook group, with the anonymous local questioning its “appropriateness.”

“Kids at eye view can see it – if you must state this just put the sign inside. Gross,” they wrote.

A fierce debate started online, with the author of the post not receiving the reaction they were hoping for.

Majority of the comments were in support of the small local business.

“I think the really disturbing fact is that they feel the need to put the sign up at all.”

“Good for the owner. I see why she had to resort to signage!” they said.

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