ATAR scores: Young Aussies film their reactions to HSC results

Thousands of NSW Aussie teens have received their High School Certificate (HSC) results today, with many school leavers sharing their raw reactions online.

Some 67,234 students completed their HSC this year, with 55,519 now eligible to receive an ATAR, with the score determining which university course or other tertiary education providers students can apply for.

Dozens of young Aussies have taken to TikTok to share their reactions to their HSC results online, leading to many tears, shocked reactions and screams of joy.

One teen, who goes by Bgrace online, shared a video of her realised she achieved a 95.10 ATAR.

In the video, the young woman was speechless as she opened her results, saying “Oh my goodness” as she revealed her score to her family.

“What the heck,” she said, as her family celebrated and hugged her.

Another student who was stunned into silence by their results was Will, who revealed at the start of the video that he was expecting his mark to be around the 70s or 80s.

He immediately began crying after opening his results, becoming so overwhelmed that he couldn’t speak for the rest of the video.

He didn’t reveal the exact figure, but it seems it was good news as he captioned the video: “Dreams do come true”.

However, not everyone was impressed with the marks they received.

TikTok user Ethan started his video by claiming he was “not that smart” and predicted his ATAR would be around 50.

He first showed his individual marks for his subjects, which saw him get 68 in community and family studies and 83 in construction examination, which he said was “all right”.

He got a mark of 66 in advanced English and 68 in modern history.

However, he appeared to not be happy with his personal developments, health and physical education score of 65, cursing as he hovered over that mark.

“I mean I passed, I think,” he said to the camera, before clicking through to the next page and revealing an ATAR of 48.25.

Another young Aussie, Temi, branded his score “disgusting” after checking earlier this morning.

“This is not the news I want to be hearing going to work. But anyway, lets check it,” he said as he opened the website to check his score.

“Oh my god. That is actually disgusting. Nah. Cut the video.”

One student Sasha revealed that, while she was happy with her extension one maths mark, her ATAR and the results for the rest of her subjects were “not good”.

“Oh my god. I am looking at my marks. This is not good. What the f**k. I am stressing out. I am stressed,” she said.

“I am upset. I am really happy with math extension one mark. That’s really good. The rest of it. I can’t stop staring at this.”

One young Aussie, Chloe, shared her laid back reaction to receiving her marks, saying: “I literally don’t care what I get”.

With an ATAR of 56.90, she said it was what she “should expect” and that she wasn’t mad, but that it wasn’t “fantastic”.

“See, no shame. Because what am I doing with it? Absolutely f**king nothing,” she said.

“Anyway, I am proud of my individual marks because I did better than I thought I would.”

Another user, Bridget, noted her subject marks “could have been worse” and claimed it was a “good thing” that she got accepted into university via early entry.

“I was not going to get into my subject with that ATAR,” she said.

In the wake of the results being released, 18,516 students are being recognised for their outstanding achievement in their studies and have been placed on NSW’s Merit Lists.

Some 1420 students were also recognised on the ‘All Round Achievers’ list for gaining results in the highest possible band across 10 units of study.

Just under 800 students have been featured in the Top Achievers list for earning one of the top places and a result in the highest band, while 18,516 students received at least one Band 6 result, earning them a place on the ‘Distinguished Achievers’ list.

NSW Premier Chris Minns said completing the HSC and finishing Year 12 was an important milestone for the class of 2023.

“Whether or not today’s results are what you wanted – remember that this is just a step on your journey and there are many pathways to success,” he said.

“I want to say a huge well done to 67,234 students who have worked hard to get to this point and I wish them all the success in their futures.”

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