Arnott’s Snack Right range Australians obsessed with

A breakfast biscuit packed with protein from Australia’s biggest snack company has been declared “more-ish” by fans.

In 2023, Arnott’s launched its Snack Right range, which featured Cracker Puffs and Brekkie Cookies, both with added protein.

The Chocolate Chip Brekkie Cookie with added protein quickly gained popularity on social media, frequently poppin up in posts as an alternative to chips and cookies for Aussies looking to better their diets.

“A great combo between a biscuit and cake. The cranberries added that nice chewy flavour. I would easily eat more! Perfect for work snacks without feeling guilty,” one social media user said.

Another added: “What an easy go to morning breakfast snack. Packed full of flavour! I love that it’s not a hard crumbly biscuit. This will definitely be in our weekly shop now.”

“As a coeliac these are a great snack/ They’re quite big and very filling, highly recommend,” another commented.

One said: “Perfect school lunch box snack. Pity there is only three in the box. They taste so good. My boy ate it so fast I never got the chance to take a photo. The last one is for his last day of term. Will definitely be investing in some.”

One person commented: “This is a great pre workout snack and not heavy at all!”

Now, Ali Baldwin an accredited practising dietitian who works as Arnott’s director of regulatory and nutrition science has given a glimpse into how the range came together.

“I think in the in the biscuit category, we recognise that better for you choices were considerably under indexed in comparison to other categories in the supermarket,” Ms Baldwin told

“Given that Arnott’s is in 98 per cent of Australian households we saw it as a real opportunity to increase our range of products, offering healthy choices to the biscuit category from an Aussie brand that consumers love and trust.”

She said feedback from the customers had been positive, particularly in relation to the newly introduced Oaty Bites. The sweet treat comes in two flavours – cocoa and oat as well as fruit and oat. It’s closely followed by the Cracker Puffs as a fan favourite.

“Within the Cracker Puff range, we just launched a new flavour – Honey BBQ – in Coles in January, it’s the range and that’s proving to be a bit of a crowd favourite and then from the beginning of March we’re really excited to launch a new flavour of Crispy Crackers — sea salt and vinegar — in Woolworths and independent supermarkets,” Ms Baldwin said.

Parts of the range, including the Cracker Puffs and the Brekkie Cookies, are gluten free. Ms Baldwin said when creating this range Arnott’s wanted to show that the brand understood Australians increasing demand for healthier snacks.

But, of the Aussies who want to improve their diet 45 per cent say the snacks they choose lack taste.

“That’s really critical to the development of the Snack Right range, this balance between taste and nutrition,” she said.

“In addition to attributes like gluten free, we also know that among the key nutrition benefits that consumers are looking for in less sugar, more fibre or protein and of course, the convenience of portion control and single serve packaging for when they’re on the go.”

For each of the products in the range it took between 18 months and two years of development before they landed on shelves to ensure this balance was met.

“We’re really excited about this range and we really hope it’ll help Aussies meat their health goals,” she said.

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