Arena Breakout takes a subtle dig at Warzone Mobile, trolls on its poor optimisation

COD Warzone Mobile is all set and running to fulfil its global release date of March 21, 2024, and as I am writing this piece, the game has already been released in some regions. While the initial response isn’t what you expect from a game boasting the critically acclaimed Call Of Duty IP, players are unhappy with the new game’s optimization. Targetting this, another competitor in the genre, Arena Breakout, has hilariously trolled Warzone Mobile on the latter’s “polishing and graphics”.

Warzone Mobile receives lacklustre response, invites trolls including Arena Breakout

We all know how big COD is, and carrying that hype was Warzone Mobile. The game from Activision aims to deliver an exhilarating FPS Battle Royale experience, featuring classic combat, weapons, and vehicles. 

COD Warzone Mobile pre-registrations
Verdansk map in Warzone Mobile (Image via Activision)

The game has been in development for three years now, with the official announcement coming in March 2022. nearly two years after the initial rumors of the game arriving on mobile circulated. However, this long period of development was one of the reasons why the game’s initial response was pretty horrid since it failed to meet players’ expectations.

Most of the players who got their hands on the game weren’t happy with what was in front of them, with so many bugs reported. Main concerns primarily surrounded graphics, which are notified as the worst currently plagued with optimization issues.

One of the users even posted that Warzone Mobile is going to end up like Apex Legends Mobile. If you are unaware, the game from Electronic Arts (EA) was taken down alongside Battlefield Mobile citing the reason for falling short of that bar for quality and quantity.

This created an opening for trolling Warzone Mobile, and one of those who seized the opportunity and joined in with the trolls was Arena Breakout.

The Tencent Games‘ battle royale shooter game falls into the same genre, and with the players unhappy, it took a dig at Warzone Mobile. They slyly remarked that their servers were even more active today, subtly implying that players were migrating from Warzone Mobile to Breakout, despite the former being expected to have a large player base given it launched today.

They didn’t stop there; they took a jab at Warzone for its reportedly subpar graphics, while boasting about their own game’s “stellar graphics”. Indeed, as the saying goes, “One person’s loss is another person’s gain.”

Warzone Mobile needs to work on several aspects of the game

Let’s cut the game some slack. Yes, it has been in development for a long time and the wait wasn’t worth it given how average the game is considering the hype, we should remember that it’s still a new release. These bugs and issues are common in most games and as updates roll, we shall be getting improvements surely.

But, the development team needs to work on the game in an instant. The reason behind this is other competitors capitalize on negative reviews in the genre such as Arena Breakout, while we also have Project BloodStrike by NetEase Games sniffing to have a stronghold of player base. So, the future updates will be shaping Warzone, that’s for sure.

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