Annie Knight reveals ‘awful’ moment she was outed as a sex worker to her dad

She’s become a household name after being dubbed “Australia’s most sexually active woman”, but Annie Knight has revealed there’s a dark side to being open about her sexuality.

The former marketing executive has been hitting headlines all year, namely for revealing she’d slept with 300 people in the past 12 months, but also due to her viral videos detailing the life of an OnlyFans creator.

But after amassing thousands of followers with her candid insights into the Australian sex industry, Ms Knight found herself the target of trolls, many of which have “slut-shamed” the 26-year-old and told her to “get a real job”.

“People love to tell me to ‘get a real job’ even though I’ll likely pay $1 million in taxes this financial year,” Ms Knight told

“Another favourite comment is ‘your mum and dad must be proud’ which is one I always laugh at because, yes, they are.

“My mum messages me daily telling me how proud she is for living my life authentically and not caring what anyone thinks, and my dad supports me no matter what.”

But, while the Newcastle woman’s family are supportive of Ms Knight’s raunchy profession – which involves selling explicit images and videos of herself to subscribers – it hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

Ms Knight’s X-rated career was “outed” to her dad Simon, who up until that point had only known his daughter worked in “social media”.

“It was pretty awful to receive a panicked call from my dad saying ‘a reporter just showed up at my door and is saying my daughter is a sex maniac’,” she explained.

“My heart sank, not because I was ashamed but because my dad is so innocent and kind and he loves me so much he would have been so confused and shocked by that.

“I’m not sure exactly what was said to my dad but the fact he paraphrased ‘sex maniac’ makes me think it wasn’t anything pleasant.

“It made me feel like I was being slut-shamed. But thankfully I had a conversation with dad and explained what OnlyFans was and he was okay with it, he’s very supportive.”

Ms Knight, who earned $US104,000 ($AU158,000) during the month of October, said the argument that her work isn’t a “real job” was outdated and frustrating, stressing she “contributes to society” as much as the next person.

“No, I’m not a doctor or a lawyer, but there’s a lot of people who aren’t either of those professions and still have what everyone would consider a ‘real job’,” she said.

“We help keep society functioning at a respectful, responsible level. And to those who claim that I don’t work hard, all I have to say is, you try and run multiple social media accounts, creating different content for each of them, as well as an OF page where fans expect you to be online 24/7 alongside being attacked for being yourself, being name called and bullied, battling the double standards between men and women in the industry.”

Ms Knight, who revealed previously she was fired from her old job after they discovered her racy side-hustle, went on to say her now full-time gig was relentless.

“It’s almost impossible. I don’t get days off. I work 7 days a week, 365 days a year,” she said. “My job is real.”

The adult content creator went on to describe what a typical day for her looks like, stating it starts at 5am and finishes late into the evening.

“Every day is slightly different, but on an ordinary day I wake up at 5am, go to the gym, and then for a walk before starting my work day,” she told

“I’ll log on in the morning and reply to messages before doing my make-up for work. On a filming day I generally spend 3-4 hours shooting content before logging back on to my OF account usually around 2pm to chat to fans until 10pm at night.

“I work long days but I’m committed to giving my fans the best experience possible and making sure they get their money’s worth.”

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