An Aussie man has requested to have sex with his wife 5-6 times a day

A new mum has shared her partner’s brazen sex request, and it has left other women shocked and deeply confused logistically.

The Aussie mum posted anonymously in a Facebook advice group aimed at supporting fellow mums as they navigate modern parenting.

She explained that she was looking to gauge if her husband’s sex request was reasonable.

She wrote that she’s been with her partner for years, and they share a seven-month-old daughter, and he has requested they have sex five or six times a day.

Yes, not in a week, not in a month, not even on a fortnightly rotation. The man has asked to have sex several times a day.

Why? Well, just because he wants to.

Immediate concerns aside, the mum outlined that they’d compromised and agreed to have sex three times a day maximum.

Yep, once again, this is all happening in a single day, while she’s also got to squeeze in taking care of her daughter and, you know, showering and eating.

She explained that her offer of sex three times a day was still not enough for her partner, who was now questioning her attraction to him.

“Now he thinks I’m not interested in sex with him and that I’m bored with him. I just wanted to ask if five to six times a day is normal. Am I in wrong here?” She asked.

The responses came pouring in, and the post garnered hundreds of replies, and unanimously, everyone agreed that five to six times a day was unreasonable.

One woman asked if he was a lion in heat before explaining that she felt it was a “ridiculous” sex expectation to have for anyone, let alone a new mum.

Someone else weighed in and said while everyone is different, she felt most parents would struggle to have sex five or six times a month.

One concerned mum asked if the woman’s bits were getting “sore” from such constant sex and then added that she thought her partner’s request was “excessive.”

One woman wrote that she thought it was an “insane” expectation and couldn’t understand how he found the time to have so much sex.

“Does he not work? Does he not have any hobbies? How do you fit that in with a 7-month-old?” She asked.

The anonymous woman replied and said her husband sometimes works six days a week and also go to the gym, but he always manages to want sex that frequently.

Someone joked they couldn’t be bothered to get dressed and undressed that many times in a single day; another said that no one has the time for that much sex.

One woman weighed in and said there shouldn’t be pressure on the woman to make a sex “agreement”, and the whole concept from her perspective was vile.

Someone else called the man’s request “not normal”, and another suggested that the man get a “reality check.”

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