American woman told by Hinge date she needs to go to the gym

A young woman has shared a shocking text she received from a man she went on three Hinge dates with, stunning the internet with his audacity.

The lengthy text was initially very complimentary, with the man telling the American woman how much he’s “enjoyed talking to her and seeing her the last few weeks”.

He said the pair had a lot of similarities and he could see she had a lot of love to give.

“I think you’re so gorgeous and naturally beautiful and I want to stare at your smile all day,” the man wrote.

He said he loved the goofy energy she provided, and the fact she didn’t take things too seriously.

But, things soon took a “crazy” turn and he began to say it was “tough to have a physical connection” with the young woman.

“I know it sounds terrible to say, and I have no right at all but I have to be honest because my life revolves around staying fit,” he said.

The man said he wanted to say it in a way that showed how much he appreciated her.

“Even with that said, I would love if you reached out at some point in the future. I could very easily see if you grinded hard for six months or a year or whatever it is, I honestly think I would marry you,” the text finished.

The woman said she cried a lot after receiving the text, which essentially told her she was “too fat for this guy”.

She joked that she would lose 10kg, see the man and she would marry him.

The woman, who had been preparing for a half marathon, said the man would likely be upset if he saw she was eating while she made the video.

She chose not to respond to the text message, but drafted some responses with her friends that included asking him to pay for her liposuction so they could tie the knot quicker.

Social media users were disgusted by the message.

“She should reply with the same but I know you are 5’9’’ so if you could grow another three inches that would be great,” one said.

Another said: “She’s running a half marathon, seems very fit, skinny face, I’m so confused. I can commiserate with the dude on the way too long text and too much explaining (guys don’t usually txt like this, so I’m even more confused) BUT the get back to me in six months after you grind’ – I died.”

“She handled this very well especially since his grammar is atrocious and he’s a lunatic who couldn’t even call her to discuss his thoughts so he wrote a novel,” another said.

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