American reveals why it is hard to date in Sydney

An American woman living in Sydney has revealed why she thinks she can’t lock down a romantic relationship in Australia.

Travel blogger Lili Paxton, 22, took to TikTok to claim that if you’re not “thin and blonde” – you’ll end up feeling invincible trying to find love Down Under.

Ms Paxton, who has built up a huge following on social media sharing money tips while travelling, said she’d received little romantic attention since moving to Sydney.

“I know it is because I’m not thin and blonde,” she said.

Ms Paxton said she’s convinced it’s a physical thing because she has a good personality, makes friends easily and isn’t afraid to put herself out there romantically.

The curvy brunette said she couldn’t help but notice how much easier skinny girls have it when dating in Sydney.

“I see thin and blonde girls put almost nothing out there, even the ones that are lovely, and they get everything back in return,” she complained.

She said that she recently went for a walk with two thin blonde girls along the beach, and within two minutes, they’d both been stopped and asked for their numbers.

She added that this hadn’t happened to her once since she started living in beautiful Sydney, and it was a “frustrating” reality.

Ultimately, Ms Paxton said that Australia is a country where things are “determined” by your body, and while she added she believes everywhere is like that, she thinks it is particularly “severe” Down Under.

Her declaration resonated online with thousands of other women commenting to share their experiences of dating in Australia.

One woman said she’d been born and bred in Australia and had never had a man ask for her number when she was out.

“Are you saying it might be different if I left?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” another woman replied, adding they’d travelled the world and had been hit on the least in Australia.

One woman shared she’d never felt so “insecure” since coming to Australia and that the dating situation here was “sad.”

Another said what Ms PAxton said was true because she’s a plus-size woman, and her dating experiences were far better in Europe and America.

Similarly another lady shared that she was plus-size and grew up in Australia and couldn’t “believe” how much better she was treated in the UK and America.

Of course, only some were in agreement on the subject, though.

Someone dismissed Lili’s theory and said it was more about having the right “vibe” and “confidence.” Another said she was blonde and thin and still found it hard, and someone else claimed they were plus-size and had a great time dating in Sydney.

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