American mum’s chore list for 17-year-old babysitter divides

An American mother and schoolteacher has divided social media after leaving a list of chores for her 17-year-old babysitter.

Katrina Ivan hired a former student, now a senior in high school, to babysit her two-year-old son.

However the busy mum, who had been struggling to maintain her home, decided she would leave an optional list of chores where the babysitter could earn extra cash.

Katrina’s son was already asleep when the babysitter arrived at 7:30pm and she would be looking after him until 11:30pm.

The teenager was being paid $115.45 for the four hours of work.

“You are more than welcome to hang out and watch TV but if you want to earn some extra cash these are up for grabs,” the note read.

Organising the kitchen island would earn the student $15, as would cleaning the windows and mirrors in the house and sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor.

Cleaning out the fridge would earn the babysitter $23 while vacuuming the couch would earn her $4.

In total the babysitter could earn an extra $92.

However, some social media users were a little shocked by the mum’s note.

“Those are 1990 prices,” one social media user pointed out.

Another commented: “$23 for the fridge that’s wild.”

“I had this one time babysitting but she left a list of chores with prices and then deducted them from the hourly pay when I didn’t finish,” one shared.

One said their teenager would be inclined to do all of them excluding vacuuming the couch.

“I think if you mention it ahead of time ‘oh I left a chore list if you’re interested in any of them it’s extra cash for you!’ BC if I just arrived to this note I might be a little uncomfortable,” another pointed out.

But others thought it was a great idea, particularly babysitters who said they often tidy up around the house for free.

One social media user said: “This is a great idea!! Sometimes it’s boring to just to sit and watch TV, this makes time go by quicker and sometimes it’s things I would do to help.”

“I think since it’s optional or not you can give whatever amounts. It’s still the babysitters choice whether to do it or not,” another said.

One chimed in: “I wish they did this when I was a babysitter. Would have loved the opportunity to earn extra.”

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