Amanda Holden strips completely naked as she poses on the edge of a cliff to celebrate 53rd birthday

Amanda Holden has stripped completely naked for a racy photo shoot to celebrate turning 53.

The British radio presenter went totally starkers as she posed on the edge of a cliff for the daring shoot.

Amanda looked like she didn’t have a care in the world – despite not having a stitch on and being so close to a sheer drop.

The snaps were taken by her pal and hair stylist, Christian Vermaak.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge celebrates her birthday tomorrow, 16 February.

The stunning star wore nothing but a simple necklace and a smile for the sexy shoot.

Her blonde locks were blowing in the wind as she closed her eyes and soaked up the sun in one shot.

In another, she looked fully at the camera and flashed her dazzling grin.

Amanda has spoken repeatedly in the past about how she only feels hotter as she gets older and refuses to cover up.

“I don’t see the point in growing old gracefully,” she said before she turned 50 in 2022.

She added at the time: “I love that people are still talking about my tired old breasts and I’m nearly 50. Age is totally irrelevant, thanks to people like J.Lo – a hot woman who dresses for how she feels.“

To keep in tip top shape, the star has revealed that she runs three times a week, as well as holding a plank for one minute every day, so she looks amazing in a bikini.

She explains: “as long as I feel like I want to, I will always wear a bikini, regardless of anybody else’s thoughts on the subject.

“If you feel happy and body-confident, wear the bikini. It’s just madness.

“You will never find me in a bathing suit!”

While Amanda has made no secret of the fact she enjoys the odd a tipple, she balances the odd indulgence by following a healthy vegetarian diet and does yoga.

She has also joked about how her friends tease her that she is ageing in reverse like Benjamin Button.

Speaking to The Mirror, Amanda explained: “We’ve got big cheeks in our family and good jawlines. So I think as long as that’s all staying like that, I don’t mind.

“I don’t think I look 50 but I don’t think I look 30. I have been called Mandy Button in the past, which is such a flattering thing!”

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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