Almond Breeze milk leaves Aussie supermarkets due to lack of profits

A popular almond milk brand will no longer be sold in Australian supermarkets after the shock announcement that it will be exiting the market.

Almond Breeze milk products will stop being sold at Woolworths, Coles and all other national retailers once stock runs out, according to a notice issued on April 1.

The suppliers Blue Diamond Growers said the almond milk range was “no longer competitive or profitable” in Australia.

“Blue Diamond Growers appreciates and values our customer and business relationships in Australia and New Zealand, however (it) has come to a crossroads where the product offerings are no longer competitive or profitable,” the notice read.

“While we regret any convenience this announcement may cause, we are eager to focus our attention on other territories where Almond Breeze remains the No.1 almond beverage with a dedicated consumer base.”

It’s understood Woolworths and Coles are aware Almond Breeze is exiting the market and will continue to sell the product while stocks last.

The following products will no longer be sold in Australia and New Zealand:

  • Almond Breeze original 1 litre
  • Almond Breeze unsweetened 1 litre
  • Almond Breeze chocolate 1 litre
  • Almond Breeze vanilla unsweetened 1 litre
  • Almond Breeze barista blend 1 litre
  • Almond Breeze home barista blend 1 litre
  • Almond Breeze extra creamy 1 litre

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