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MONOPOLY GO! is the latest take on the classic board game we all still play and enjoy: buy, sell, build, and rent out real estate. From the game’s fabulous events for players to shortcuts that will help you rake in more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies such as Money, let me tell you, the game doesn’t fail to impress. While we have events and tournaments coming out at regular intervals, another special event ins all set to make its debut. Titled as Tycoon Racers, let us see what it brings to the table with MONOPOLY GO.

Tycoon Racers Event in MONOPOLY GO!

Tycoon Racers is a fun minigame where players team up to compete in a championship consisting of three races, just like what the name suggests. The goal? To work together, gather pickups, and race around the board to complete laps and win prizes. The team with the most wins at the end of the championship takes home the grand prize.

You need to earn Flags, which are the tokens for this game mode. To earn flags, players can score quick wins, receive them as free gifts, or collect them from various spots on the board. With Tycoon Racers, players can enjoy the ultimate social experience, whether teaming up with friends or facing off against rival teams.

The game is divided into different phases, starting with teaming up and strategizing, followed by matchmaking to find suitable opponents, then the actual races with their challenges and rewards, and finally, the event finale where the winning team celebrates their victory.

MONOPOLY GO! Tycoon Racers Event Rewards

Well, currently since this event is being tested in select regions, there is no confirmation regarding the rewards being distributed, but there is an overview below.

Placement Rewards
1st Place Wild Sticker + 2700 Free Dice Rolls
2nd Place 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack + 750 Free Dice Rolls
3rd Place 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack + 375 Free Dice Rolls
4th Place 125 Free Dice Rolls

Lap Reward Choices are as follows.

Milestone Reward
1 Cash Prize
2 Dice Rolls
3 Flag Tokens
4 2-Star Orange Sticker Pack
5 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack
6 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack
7 15-Minute Mega Heist
8 25-Minute Wheel Boost
9 15-Minute High Roller

But it looks like you have to pick one reward from the options you get.

Tycoon Racers offers a unique and exciting racing experience with garden tracks, golf carts, and surprises along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Time to up your Monopoly Go strategy and earn everything on offer! While this event is on the run, let us look at other events that arrived recently or live in MONOPOLY GO!

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