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Clash of Clans has been churning out fantastic events for us players and one more amazing event is all set to join this March 2024 season. After the conclusion of the Super Dragon Spotlight, we will be getting a new Community Event in Rubble Rumble. Community events bring a huge opportunity for collecting some free rewards, and in this guide, I will explain what we can do together to complete the Rubble Rumble event and win some extra freebies in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Rubble Rumble Event Overview

The Rubble Rumble is a community event that kicked off on March 21, 2024. It does sync well with the Royal Rumble, and maybe the event is inspired by it. That being said, this is like a big party where everyone who plays the game gets together to smash town halls.

CoC Gameplay
Image via Supercell

Yes, to contribute your share for the progress all you need to do is to destroy the town halls in multiplayer battles. You don’t need to do anything extra. Well, do I sense some Sneaky Goblin attacks? I think I am personally looking for it. End of the day, it’s a team effort, and the more town halls we destroy, the better rewards we all get. Now, let us move on to the rewards.

Clash of Clans Rubble Rumble Rewards

The reward is pretty basic if you ask me, but if you are looking for resources, it might be for your taste. We will have three milestones to unlock, each of them being Star Bonuses starting from 2x. Once all the rewards are unlocked, the entire community has a chance to receive a 4x Star Bonus at the final level, hence more loot on filling those multiplayer battle stars.

Another part of the reward will be the free Ores, which will be unlocked on top of the final milestone. This will massively help for your Hero Equipment upgrades. So, are you ready to rumble?

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