Age of Bravery, a 5v5 MOBA from FAU-G makers nCore Games opens pre-registration for Android

FAU-G makers nCore Games are once again coming with a new title, which is a different genre from what you would expect. Titled GuruDharma – Age of Bravery, this will be a strategy 5v5 MOBA game upon release, which is now open for pre-registration for Android.

Defend your Meenaar with all your might with the heroes in GuruDharma – Age of Bravery

In this MOBA game, engage in epic 5v5 battles where teamwork is the key to victory in a top-down gameplay setting. You get to select your hero from a diverse roster of legendary warriors. Each hero possesses unique abilities and characteristics inspired by ancient Indian legends. Your choice of champion will greatly influence your gameplay and strategy.

The primary objective of the game is straightforward, destroy the enemy team’s main tower (Meenaar) while ensuring the safety of your own. As you progress through the game, your hero will evolve. By leveling up, you’ll unlock new abilities, enhancing your hero’s power and versatility.

Exploration is also part of the game as beyond the battlegrounds, there’s a mystical Jungle waiting to be explored. This place is brimming with exotic creatures and hidden secrets. Venturing into the Jungle provides opportunities to gain valuable experience and resources that can significantly impact the outcome of your battles.

GuruDharma - Age of Bravery gameplay
Image via nCore Games

With pre-registration now open, players can pre-register for GuruDharma – Age of Bravery on Android through the Google Play Store. Details about the iOS pre-registration for GuruDharma – Age of Bravery have not been disclosed as of now. Therefore, we will need to patiently await additional details and updates in this regard.

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