AFK Journey Song of Strife update brings new story content, game modes, and more

Farlight Games, under the global publishing brand of Lilith Games, has launched the highly anticipated AFK Journey update, Song of Strife. This major release introduces a plethora of new features, including additional story content, game modes, and battle mechanics, as well as two new playable heroes. With Song of Strife, players will embark on an exciting journey filled with fresh adventures and challenges.

AFK Journey Song of Strife: Key Highlights

New Storyline: The Song of Strife

In the Song of Strife update, players continue their quest as Magister Merlin, partnering with a mysterious young ally in a new desert region known as the Ashen Wastes. Drawn to the desert by rumors of a false Merlin, players will need to collaborate with the Mauler tribe to uncover the truth while joining them for the tribe’s Warsong Festival.

AFK Journey Song of Strife update
Image via Farlight Games

Explore a New Map Area: The Ashen Wastes

The AFK Journey art team has created an immersive desert landscape that reflects the vast dunes of the Ashen Wastes. Dynamic environmental features like shifting sand dunes, driven by wind direction and strength, simulate an authentic desert experience.

Meet the New Heroes: Alsa and Soren

  • Alsa: A mage proficient in earth-based magic, able to curl into a ball for both defensive and offensive tactics.
  • Soren: A formidable warrior boasting powerful knockback abilities and swift reflexes on the battlefield.

New PvE Game Mode: Dura’s Trials

Dura’s Trials offers a new PvE experience where players can earn resources for Magic Charms. Each day features different trial types, which boost certain heroes and provide random charm drops. As players progress, they stand a better chance of obtaining higher-quality charms.

Seasonal Progression: Magic Charms

Magic Charms introduces a new seasonal progression system, offering powerful stat bonuses and unique effects. However, these charms will only be available during the Song of Strife season, enhancing gameplay while adding a strategic layer to hero development.

Seasonal Skills

Players can unlock a hero’s Seasonal Skill upon reaching Season Level 51 and upgrade it throughout the season. Progress in other Seasonal Modes will also influence the rewards received at the end of the season.

Supreme Arena: Competitive PvP Mode

The Supreme Arena invites Magisters to compete in best-of-three PvP matches from Wednesday through Sunday each week. Players can leverage special deployment tiles on the battlefield to outmaneuver opponents and climb the rankings.

The Song of Strife update is available for AFK Journey servers that have been active for at least 42 days. To access the new season and future content, players need to reach Resonance Level 240, clear all AFK Stages, and complete the quest “The Last Leg”. Afterward, the main quest can be picked up in Holistone.

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