Advertising costs for the MSG Sphere have been leaked

The hefty advertising rates for the MSG Sphere have been leaked.

The Las Vegas stadium – which cost $3.6 billion (US$4 billion) to build – flaunts interior and exterior LED displays.

With about 1600 speakers, the venue will be used for sport, film and music events.

According to a Twitter post from @PitchDeckGuy, $704,000 (US$450,000) was spent on advertising costs over just one day for the Vegas Sphere.

The post reported that $1 million (US$650,000) was spent for the whole week.

A thread from another Twitter user added that there was an estimated 4.7 million daily impressions – 300,000 in person and the remaining 4.4 million on social for the Sphere.

The stadium, designed by architecture firm Populous, is connected to the Venetian resort by a pedestrian walkway.

The opening has been teased for a few months now with various exterior displays.

Onlookers were able to take in an NBA Summer League basketball back in July to promote the league.

Opening the venue over the weekend, Irish rockers U2 played their seventh studio album Achtung Baby for an estimated 18,000 fans.

The audience included big names such as Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos and LeBron James.

Concert goers were able to immerse themselves in the iconic rock band’s set as the LED screens lit up the stadium.

Displaying various lifelike sets, the audience travelled across oceans, deserts, and a ceiling filled with insects and animals.

Many have expressed how impressive the set up is on social media, saying the visuals are “unreal”.

“Looks like a must see. So cool!” one person commented on Twitter.

“That sunset/sunrise view is savage, those kinds of shots always blew me away in an imax but this must be next level immersion,” a second added.

Along with the incredible LED’s, The Sun reported that the venue has haptic seats and machines that can create wind, temperature and scent effects to further enhance the experience.

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