Abbie Chatfield: Star hospitalised for three days, Burnout, Severe pain, UTI, Kidney infection

Abbie Chatfield has spent the last three days in hospital after a common infection turned into an excruciatingly painful experience.

The podcaster and TV personality updated her fans from her hospital bed to explain why she had been absent from social media for the past three days.

“Hello everyone, only now able to use my phone bc I’ve been so sick but I’ve been in hospital for the last 3 days” she said in a story post to her Instagram on Friday night.

It is her second stint in hospital in the space of a month after experiencing the “worst tension migraine” of her life.

With her head still planted on the pillow, she proceeded to tell her 450,000 followers how she ended up in hospital after ignoring a kidney infection.

“If you have UTI symptoms and back pain/ nausea, don’t f**ck around with that. Go to hospital,” she warned her followers.

“I knew this logically bc I’m a UTI QUEEN but was taking a chance I shouldn’t have and thought I could work.”

The Masked Singer judge recently opened up to her fans on her struggles with burnout after a massive year of career success left her feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted.

She detailed how difficult it has been to prioritise her health with a packed work schedule and the pressure to make the most of her career success and the opportunities coming her way.

In an effort to lighten the load, she announced last month that she would be walk away as host of HIT radio networks Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield show after eighteen months in the role.

“This is ur reminder to advocate for your pain and stop pushing through for work or because you think it isn’t serious enough to go to hospital,” she said.

“I had a kidney infection and was basically in denial about how bad it was so didn’t go straight to the hospital despite crying from the pain in my bladder and back.”

She said she had a work trip scheduled for this week and rather than “mess anyone around”, she put her hopes in antibiotics and boarded the plane.

“I just tried to do to the work I had planned to do (like I always stupidly do) and now I’ve ended up messing everyone around MORE and also I’m very sick in a place none of my friends or family can come visit me in,” she said.

She also took the opportunity to use her experience as a cautionary tale that minimising pain will always catch up with you, urging her fans to take their pain seriously.

Chatfield then shared how she believes “AFAB” (assigned female at birth) tend to minimise their pain.

“As “female-assigned-at-birth” (AFAB) people, we tend to minimise our pain, I usually do,” she said.

“I’m usually in pain throughout the entire hospital stay because it’s pain I can “handle” and AFAB people are just used to being in constant pain.”

Two weeks ago, Chatfield was hospitalised for a tension migraine that left her “vomiting and writhing in pain” for 24 hours.

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