Abbie Chatfield reveals she is in her ‘break-up era’

One of Australia’s most successful social media stars has announced she is going through a break-up – despite saying she would never speak publicly about her relationships again.

Abbie Chatfield opened up on her Listnr podcast, It’s A Lot to say she was going through a break-up and feeling “really sad” about it.

“Hot tip to anyone in life in general – don’t date anyone where you can look up interviews of them on YouTube,” she said, adding she was watching clips online because she missed them.

She also revealed she was crying every day and was in a phase where she felt like she’d “never love anyone again”.

“I haven’t cared about a break-up properly in like five years – sorry to everyone in the past five years – but, like I haven’t cried about a break-up or missing someone this much in a very long time,” she said.

The FBoy Island host said it would be more manageable if she could call her ex all the time like she used to but now that wasn’t possible.

“It’s a thing where it’s like, we might get back together, which is the worst kind of one,” she said.

Chatfield said she knows her rule is to not talk about her dating life but on the drive into the podcast studio she cried and needed to vent about how she was feeling.

Following a string of relationships with fellow high-profile personalities that have played out in the media – most notably her open relationship with The Bachelorette alum Konrad Bien-Stephens – she told Stellar back in May she’ll “never” again utter the name of someone she’s sleeping with.

“I don’t think I would [date publicly again], unless I was with someone for a long time,” Chatfield said.

“I’m going to say unless I was engaged, I might change my mind but, right now, I don’t think I have the capacity to be with someone publicly.

“If they’re in this industry, it causes so much sh*t. If they’re not in the industry, they’re getting dragged into my life, which isn’t really fair.

“If I’m sleeping with someone, I will never share their name. I don’t care about rumours, I only care if rumours are true. And I don’t want people to have anything to go off.”

Knowing that she’s likely being watched by the public and the paparazzi when she’s out – especially if she’s on a date – “can be sh*t because there are people I’d like to go on a walk with or have a coffee with”.

“I just don’t want to start rumours. If I have a first date with someone, and someone takes a photo of us, then we have to have the conversation of how we’re going to ‘address it’ in the media,” Chatfield added.

The 28-year-old dropped hints last year that she had been dating, branding herself the “Queen of Monogamy”.

Speaking to the audience at her Trauma Dump Tour in Adelaide, Chatfield didn’t reveal the identity of her new partner, saying the relationship was still in its very early stages.

“It’s been six days!” she said.

In June, she also posted to social media saying she was in a relationship but again, didn’t reveal the person’s identity.

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