Abbie Chatfield ended 2023 by doing the most Aussie thing ever by going to Bunnies

Abbie Chatfield ended 2023 by doing the most Aussie thing ever and looked absolutely fabulous.

Chatfield, 28, was spotted popping into her local Bunnings in Bryon Bay and was rocking a yellow two-piece.

She kept it casual and wore a crop top and some fun summer shorts and it was giving big holiday vibes, although in Hemsworth style Chatfield also owns her own million dollar home in Byron Bay.

Yep, this is just her life.

The reality television star turned social media phenomenon, who has almost half a million followers on Instagram, kept her hair tied up and her sunglasses on as she headed into the hardware store.

It was highly relatable; who doesn’t end the year by tasking themselves with some DIY project that eventually turns from fun to torture?

Chatfield even stopped to enjoy the classic Bunnings sausage sizzle and grabbed a snag for hopefully $2.50.

There’s barely anything more Aussie than a trip to Bunnings during that weird period between Christmas and New Year – where time doesn’t exist and days blur.

If Chatfield was wearing an Akubra, driving a Holden and blaring Shannon Noll that would have pushed her Aussie action onto a new level, but this was pretty close to Aussie perfection; she even had her toes out for the occasion!

Chatfield has had a massive year, where she’s done everything from hosting her radio show, Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield, to hosting Binge’s F-Boy Island and running her own podcast it’s a lot.

Her success has reached such heights that she’s now learning she needs to say no to significant opportunities.

She walked away from her successful radio show to find more work/life balance in August, and at the time she took to Instagram to share, she was “proud” of herself for deciding to put her energy into projects that bring her joy and energise her and made it clear she wasn’t fired from radio.

In November, she opened up further about her decision on The Project and said that it wasn’t very hard to make when it came down to it.

“No. It was so easy. I was thinking about it for about a year. I was just really exhausted,” she explained.

Chatfield said that since she decided to pull the plug, she’s never been “happier” and she’s looking forward to having more free time.

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