Abbie Chatfield completely owns fashion mistake

Abbie Chatfield has been caught experiencing a very relatable fail – and we’ve all been there.

Chatfield, 28, was out partying in a see-through dress at a fabulous Melbourne event when she accidentally wore her undies inside out, and because her dress was see-through, you could see the clothing tags sticking out.

The Bachelor alum, who has gone on to be a successful television and podcast host, was attending the Bowery Ball – a late-night Queer party and the perfect excuse to have some fun with fashion.

Naturally, she didn’t hold back. She wore a slinky, black see-through dress for the occasion and documented her night online.

She shared a video of herself dancing with her 400,000 Instagram followers and looked like she was having the time of her life, while viewers could also see the white tag sticking out from her undies underneath the dress.

Perhaps that would be an embarrassing blunder for someone else, but in classic cool girl fashion, Chatfield owned the error in the caption of her video.

“Yes, my undies were inside out all night! Sorry, you don’t get art,” she joked.

Chatfield has become such a cultural force that people in the comment section celebrated the error.

In fact, she’s become so powerful that she may have just made tags sticking out from your clothes cool.

“Abbie is setting a new trend. I thought only guys turned their underwear inside out, but this could catch on,” a follower commented.

“If there’s no undies label visible, I’m not going,” another joked.

“Cut off the tags, and no one knows, and the art remains,” someone recommended.

“I didn’t know your undies were inside out. I thought it was just how they were. Keep rocking it,” another advised.

“I wore my undies on the outside because Abbie wore her undies on the outside.”

Chatfield’s tag moment has come just after she revealed on her podcast It’s A lot that she was dating someone new and she got emotional when discussing how great he was.

“He’s just been the kindest, most supportive person,” she said.

Chatfield went on to say that the mystery man had changed her perspective on how she viewed relationships.

“It’s like he’s opened up a whole new world that I can see that like things aren’t always going to end badly, and not just romantically,” she explained.

Plus, not only is he lovely, but according to Chatfield, he is also is very funny and makes her laugh.

“I almost pulled my back multiple times when I’m with him because I’m laughing so hard,” she said.

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