A woman’s boyfriend filmed her having fun and the response has been concerning

A woman’s boyfriend filmed her having fun and dancing on a table while they were out partying, and the response has been concerning.

LA-based creator Scarlett posted a TikTok of her dancing in a black dress while on the town with her boyfriend.

Underneath the video, she explained that her boyfriend had filmed her letting loose because he was her biggest fan. He understood that she was the main character and loved taking her out.

Cute right? Well, things took a turn.

The redhead looked incredible, but the video went viral, amassed almost a million views, and the comment section became divided.

Most people commenting on the video were positive, and plenty were praising Scarlet’s moves and giving her Gen Z-style compliments – by saying she “ate”, for example.

Others were complimenting her boyfriend’s filming skills or remarking it was cool to see an example of a secure man.

Many women described the content as proof that she was in a healthy relationship because she is with someone happy to let her shine.

However amid the compliments, there were also men making sexist comments and sending apologies to her boyfriend.

One man with no displayed photo – because of course he didn’t have a displayed photo – commented that he felt “sorry” for Scarlet’s boyfriend.

Similarly, another man sent his condolences to her boyfriend and commented, “poor guy”, and another claimed that no guy wants a girl to dance like a “stripper”.

One grossly wrote that dancing and having fun made her look like “everyone’s girl”.

So, a harmless and fun video morphed into a space for men to share their sexist views. Scarlet didn’t ignore the comments; instead she addressed them head-on, and uploaded a second video in response to all the men slut shaming her for simply dancing at a club.

The young creator explained that she grew up in the theatre, dancing, so when she went out, she really wanted to dance.

She fumed that the comments were “sexist” and “misogynistic” and said everyone’s boyfriend should be secure enough to film them out dancing and having fun.

Scarlet had a strong message for her haters and asked them to ask themselves why they had such a problem with the clip.

“I challenge you as a man, especially the ones commenting, to ask yourself why is a woman who is so confident in her sexuality, her body and who she is as a person; why does that scare you so much? Because you can’t control her?” she asked.

Scarlet also said people must learn to mind their business and let women have fun without commenting.

“Stop judging women and stop worrying about what other women are doing with their bodies,” she said.

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