A simple question has sparked a broad debate online because of the different answers from men and women

A simple question has sparked a broad debate online because of the different answers from men and women.

It was featured in a clip posted by Aussie creator Tayo Ricci, who has over seven million followers on TikTok and is known for approaching people on the street and asking questions.

In the video, which has amassed over one million views, he repeatedly approached various women and asked them the same question.

“Do we need men?” he asked.

Question men and women have totally different answers to

He stopped over thirteen women in the street, and only one said that she thought women needed men.

Most of the women Ricci stopped gave him a quick-and-fast “no” in response to his question, but a few elaborated further.

“No. We don’t need short men,” one woman said.

“F**k men,” one lady yelled.

“No, because we can be strong, independent women,” another reasoned.

“Not necessarily,” one woman replied.

Interestingly, the answers were incredibly different when Ricci started speaking to men and asking them the same question but in reverse.

“Do we need women?” he asked.

Ricci stopped seven men in the street, and they all gave slightly different versions of the same answer: yes.

“Yes, because women are awesome,” one man said.

“Of course, because they are beautiful,” another man claimed.

“We do because they are hot,” a man argued.

One man did make a crack about how men needed women so they could do the dishes.

The video has amassed thousands of views online, and people are divided in the comments over what the answers mean.

One person commented and received 300 likes for saying the answers reflected a more significant issue.

“I think their answers are a reflection of men and women in their lives,” the person argued.

The comment was flooded with likes, but others online wholly disagreed with that opinion on the viral clip.

“It’s a reflection of their personality too. Hating a whole gender says a lot about you,” one wrote back.

One woman commented and said she was thirty years old and sick of seeing all the “man hating” online.

“I’m so tired of the man-hating from my friends and peers. I’m single right now and would love to find a partner,” she wrote.

In contrast, another woman commented on the video and wrote, “I love these women!”

One woman said the video made her glad she recognised the “worth” of the men in her life, and someone else said it was an example of how the youth are “misguided”.

While someone else said that watching the video made them “sad” because both genders

“need” each other.

One woman weighed in and said Ricci was asking the wrong question.

“It’s do they WANT men, now that’s a whole different conversation. BIG difference,” she argued.

Someone replied to her argument, though, defending Ricci’s question and saying it was the “right” one because men and women do need each other.

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